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White Lotus Divine Healing

At White Lotus you will find ethically sourced crystals, organic herbs, books & decks, essential oils, locally designed jewellery Shaman crafted healing products, sound healing tools and MORE!

We believe in the power of community and building  connection within our neighbourhood.

Together we can heal our body, mind and spirit …and even Mother Earth!

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Womb Healings with Madison are back!

What you may experience during a womb healing:

– Deeper connection to the Divine Feminine

– Sacral Chakra Clearing

– Ancestral Healing

– Healing After Pregnancy Loss

– Connection with your Higher Self

– Release of Toxic Energy (from non-consensual trauma)

-Reproductive health support and healing from PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and hysterectomy

About the Practitioner:

Madison Desjarlais of Ode to Birth reminds women of their instinctual cycles. The focus is to help one discover the power of their sacred vessel – the womb! The womb is the center of creation and our source of creativity, sensuality, and passion. Madison creates a container for clients to establish a deeper connection to their Sacral region. These sessions can intend to connect with the Spirit of the child or to heal the trauma of pregnancy loss.

The knowing of how to tend to the wombs of the world is embedded into Madison’s DNA and is a part of her gift of service here on Earth. She is honoured to share this knowledge and wisdom with the community.

Aura Readings with Sheila


April 15th 11:00am-6:00pm

Details: Sheila will use a Biopulsar Reflexograph, which reads the colour of your Aura! This will give you the opportunity to see the dynamics between Aura, Colour and Chakras. Sheila will interpret the reading and give insight into your auric field and chakras, ultimately giving you a better understanding of yourself! Read more about Sheila & Aura Readings on our Guest Readers page!

Psychic Readings with Kelly

April 22nd, 11:00am-5:00pm

Seer Readings- 60 min, $160+gst

In this session, the focus is on clarity, blocks, truths, direction and how to start healing. They may include any of the following: Channelled Healing, past life information, Light Language Angelic singing for alignment and vibrational shifting, Channelled messages from the Etheric, Star Beings, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides or loved ones.

Spirit Guide Channeling session- 20 min, $60+gst

In these sessions, you will receive messages from a Galactic Guide known as ‘Grandfather Buffalo Man’. Messages come through for your highest good and spiritual healing. Light language may also be channeled.

What Our Customers are Saying…

I came to White Lotus one day on my lunch break when I was feeling down.  Upon walking into this beautiful store, I was greeted with a warm smile and welcome from the ladies at the front that day.   After listening to my needs, I left with some healing crystals, essential oils, lifted spirits and an open-heart.  Thank you White Lotus Divine Healing- you are a gift to this community!” -Lisa


“White Lotus Divine Healing is by far my favourite metaphysical shop that I have ever been to! For a smaller sized shop, they do not disappoint with the amount of stuff that they offer such as books, incense, tarot decks, teas/herbs, clothing, and tons of crystals! They believe in healing and help facilitate it by offering events & classes – bringing people together in community. I always look forward to attending more of their events & classes. I would definitely recommend you check them out and purchase something that calls to you or attend one of their amazing events – you will be happy you did!” -Kaila

“Your store is the most amazing space! It’s a place both myself and my daughters find very healing and can all find things that speak to each of us. The staff are always so helpful and knowledgeable about everything!”-Anonymous


“I live within walking distance of White Lotus, and every time I feel compelled to visit, I have never been disappointed. The energy within the shop is immaculate. Simply walking in the door makes me feel grounded and wholeheartedly welcomed. Their selection of crystals, tarot & oracle decks, and spiritual books – among other things are unmatched. I never struggle to find what I’m looking for.  I’m so thankful to have such a lovely shop as part of the community.” -Katelyn


All the events I’ve attended at White Lotus have been amazing, enlightening, and healing. Love the store and all who work there!  Thank you for the amazing light you shine out!” -Veronica


White lotus is a gem which has offered me feelings of welcome, comfort, kinship,  and stimulation of all sorts. 

I have appreciated the warm people and atmosphere for many years now.
Their collection of treasures from many sources continues to provide joy to myself, family and friends.” -Cindy

Join us!

Like a lotus flower

we too have the ability to rise from the mud

bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world

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