White Lotus Divine Healing

Metaphysical Boutique & Energy Healing Therapies

White Lotus Divine Healing

At White Lotus you will find local artisan pieces,  Shaman crafted healing products and locally designed jewellery, herbs and oils that enhance self healing.  

We believe in the power of community and building  connection within our neighbourhood.

Together we can heal our body, mind and spirit …and even Mother Earth!

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 Do you love Florida Water?

So do we! It’s great for cleansing, rebalancing, and uplifting your frequency.

Yet, we wanted to create a Ceremonial Water that was just as potent and healing and made locally right here in BC!

Working with the powerful Medicine Woman and Shamanic Healer Shae, we have created

Flora Frequency Mist


A natural, non-toxic blend of essential oils that have been hand-crafted with love and shamanic frequencies.

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Like a lotus flower

we too have the ability to rise from the mud

bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world

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