White Lotus Divine Healing

Metaphysical Store & Energy Healing Therapies

At WHITE LOTUS we are committed  to help guide others on their  journey of self healing in a holistic and personal manner.

White Lotus is a family owned and operated small business in the heart of old town Port Moody. Supporting our local neighbours is very important to us.

We have a large selection and our inventory includes products crafted from local artisans, jewellers, Shamans, wood workers and herbalists.

At White Lotus we are committed to help guide you on your journey of self healing or life transformation in a personal and holistic manner. When you step into our store you are immediately transported into the energy of tranquility and peace, enabling transformation and healing.

Whether you are attending an event, perusing the book shelf or visiting an energy practitioner you will leave feeling more grounded, relaxed and with an improved feeling of wellbeing.

Please Shop Online with Us

Thank you for choosing to support our small business in these challenging times!

We provide resources to achieve clarity of mind, radiant health, and a true connection to your life purpose.

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