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Shamanic & Sound Healing with Stevi Rose

Divine Womb Services with Madison


I am an intuitive. I feel deeply. And, like yourself, I want Peace. I’ve had my history with addiction and trauma. And, these traumas I am still healing from. But, breath by breath and day by day I am becoming whole again and uniting back with the parts that fragmententized.

I love to nurture people and I am creative. That is one of the reasons I became a hairstylist in 2003. That and, well…. I’m a Leo. I’ve got a thing with hair.

15 years in, I hit a rock bottom which spiraled me into a healing journey. I had to take a break from my hair career all together and focus on my healing and thaw out a bit. My deep devotion to a 1 year long Minister training program, shamanic training along with Yoga teacher certification, sound healing and working with ancient plant allies instilled the importance of healing with getting raw and honest with myself.

Stephanie has successfully worked with clients who have experienced: Addiction, Womb trauma/abuse, Generational healing, Inner child empowerment.

Journey with the Rose, Womb and Heart Intelligence Session:

Journey to your Heart with a private sound healing, scalp, hand and foot massage with transmissions. This session helps one to live in more of a heart centred place and to align the sacral, heart, and throat chakras to open up and connect to the ancient wisdom that has laid dormant within your womb space.

Every Womb carrier has trauma! It is my intension to help you heal these wounds and align you with your passion and creativity again. I help in awakening the ancient wisdom that is held within the womb.

Stephanie works with the energies of the Divine (Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, Yeshua and the planet of Venus)

$144.00/75 minutes



Certified Birth Doula, Reiki Practitioner & Yoga Teacher


An Ode To Birth – Divine Womb Services 

An Ode To Birth reminds women of their instinctual cycles. The focus is to help one discover the power of their sacred vessel – the womb! The womb is the center of creation and our source of creativity, sensuality, and passion. Madison Desjarlais creates a container for women to establish a deeper connection to their Sacral region. These sessions can intend to connect with the Spirit of the child or to heal the trauma of pregnancy loss.

The knowing of how to tend to the wombs of the world is embedded into Madison’s DNA and is a part of her gift of service here on Earth. She is honoured to share this knowledge and wisdom with the community.

Womb Healing at White Lotus:

Madison believes we all have what it takes to heal ourselves, although sometimes we may require guidance. Many women hold trauma and stagnant energy in their wombs which can disturb the body’s innate reproductivity and cleansing cycle (the menses). Through intuitive guidance from Higher realms and with her clairvoyant, claircognizant and clairsentient gifts, she will create a sacred container for deep healing to occur.

What you may experience during a womb healing:

– Deeper connection to the Divine Feminine

– Sacral Chakra Clearing

– Ancestral Healing

– Healing After Pregnancy Loss

– Connection with your Higher Self

– Release of Toxic Energy (from non-consensual trauma)

$150.00 – 1hr session

$180.00 – 1.5hr  session

$555.00 – 4 Session Package (1.5hr sessions) *** A savings of $165 

Madison will incorporate a variety of healing modalities during these sessions including Reiki energy, angelic channeling, sound baths, aromatherapy, muscle testing and crystal coding to help raise your frequency!

Madison’s books are closed for Womb Healings and will be accepting new clients in Summer 2023. If you have already had a session with Madison, please contact her directly to book a session.

Sliding scale options available for those in need. Please call the store or speak with Madison directly before your appointment for financial assistance inquiries.
Birth Doula Services at White Lotus:

The journey to becoming a conscious birth attendant began at the age of eighteen. The more women she serves and births she attends, the more she realizes this work is indeed her soul purpose. Through her experiences as a certified Birth Doula, 200hr yoga teacher, and medical phlebotomy work, as well as many years travelling abroad to Africa, India, Europe and Asia, she has gained essential life skills and tools that she utilizes when practicing reverent birth work.

Her Birth Doula certifications began in 2015 with DONA International’s Birth Doula Course. Since then she has been consistently updating her knowledge. Her most recent certification was through The Wise Woman Way of Birth Doula Training. Her mentors and Wise Women are in touch with her often, meaning she is constantly up to date with the latest birth-y knowledge. She shifts her practices as clinical research updates itself, although she always reminds herself to trust in her clients instinctual emotions, sounds, and movement when attending a birth – mothers know best!

With over seven years of being present and advocating for clients in the hospital and at-home alongside midwives and doctors, she has gained valuable experience with the entire birthing process.

Birth Doula Appointments at White Lotus:

– Prenatal Inquiries/Informed Consent

– Baby Spirit Connection

– Healing After Pregnancy Loss

– Postnatal Energy Clearing

$120.00 – 1hr session

$150.00 – 1.5hr session

$555.00 – 4 Session Package (1.5hr sessions) *** A savings of $165 


Madison identifies with the Ojibway, Cree-Métis Nation and acknowledge that she gently serves women and families on the lands of Coast Salish territories, including  xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), Stó:lō and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh), Kwikwetlem, Katzie, qʼʷa:n̓ƛʼən̓ (Kwantlen), and Qiqéyt (QayQayt) Nations.

“Madison is knowledgeable and her presence feels warm, calming and accepting, all of the things I wanted
to help me bring my first baby into the world.”
Emily Gill

“Madison’s loving and motherly nature is exactly what I needed when I went into labour. She was my right
hand girl. It was a stressful experience due to certain circumstances but having Madison there was the
miracle I needed. She was prepared for everything that came our way during the birth. She handled
everything with grace. She soothed me .. massaged me .. offered me the comforting words I needed to
hear. Madison was my saving grace and that day would have been one hundreds times harder without
having her by my side. The world needs more angel Doula’s like her!”
Carli Wager

“Madison came into my world on divine timing. I was hurting and in need of serious guidance. Losing a
baby is not something that most people talk about, but Madison made it obvious that everything was
going to be okay. Her soft touch and gentle words made a huge difference. She brought warm soup to my
house and burnt sage while I wept, and wept, and wept. She cleaned up my space without me asking, and
tucked me into bed once the entire process was over. Having Madison with me during this experience
definitely made the experience less traumatic. Every one with a womb deserves to feel Madison’s love and
A Wise Way Release

“We were not in the position to have a baby. I was feeling super confused and in a state of panic for a few
days until my cousin told me about Madison Desjarlais. My partner wanted nothing to do with a herbal
abortion, he only trusted in the docs. But my previous trauma with the health care system made me want
to try a natural abortion.

Madison’s suggestions were concise and her ceremony was something I will never forget. I hold my baby’s
spirit close to my heart and I welcome it to come back into my womb when the time is right. Wow, I just
wish more women knew abortion doesn’t always have to be medicalized. Madison taught me that the body
is smarter than we think. She’s young, but clearly an old soul.”

This client wishes to remain anonymous

“Madison appeared to me like an angel sent to answer my prayers. She was there for me every step of the
way as I underwent the extremely unexpected, stressful, and painful process of releasing a pregnancy. I
felt safe and supported as she answered all my questions honestly and held space, making sure I was in a
stable place mentally and emotionally to follow through with the procedures. She listened to my needs
and concerns and was able to support me through the entire process, always answering my messages in a
timely and thoughtful manner.

The most powerful impact Madison had during our work together was when she led me into a personal
ceremony. She guided me to honor and release this soul and helped me make it a positive and connected
experience. I believe this helped me minimize any trauma I could have taken on during the process.
Madison is a shining light and would be an asset on any birth team.

She will help you be present and prepared. She holds space beautifully with her loving kindness and
gentle feminine energy, simply being around her is enough to raise your energy and vibration.”


“…Moments later Madison entered the room with a beautiful “cake” of fresh fruit that she had foraged for
in my kitchen, cut up and arranged, and decorated with a lit birthday candle that she had brought with
her. We all sang Happy Birthday to our few minutes old daughter and it is a memory I will never forget.
It is an example of the type of person Madison is and the type of work she does. She heard there was a
need, didn’t make a big deal about asking if she should do something, she just thought of the right thing to
do, made it happen, and created a lasting memory. I was lucky to have Madison be a part of my birth
experience and now a part of my life.”
Mindan Gunther-Moore

“I feel truly honoured and blessed to have been attended by this exceptionally wise, and
knowledgeable Doula. Her connection to the mother and her medicines is felt, and
recognized. The attention to detail, the grace, the presence, the support, and honest
nurturing space she provided made me feel at peace and empowered.
New age and relevant, combined with ancient medicine wisdom, I am thankful for the
service Madison is providing the community in a time when it is so vital to bring these
gifts of the Doula to the people. Blessings and much appreciation.”

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