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604 937 5540

Wellness Fair

Saturday June 15th, 11 am to 5 pm

By Donation to Support the Homeless in the Tri-Cities

Join us for our 3 year Anniversary Celebration

25 minute sessions for a min. $15 – $30 donation

To support the homeless in the Tri-Cities.

Healing Modalities include: Intuitive Readings, Therapeutic touch, Integrated Energy Healing, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Theta Healing, Galactic Channelling, Massage, essential oils healing & Sound Healing

Outdoor Retail Market : Products 25-50% off

Silent Auction supported by our suppliers and local businesses. Watch our website and facebook page for more details on the offerings within the first week of June. Proceeds will also be donated to Raincity Housing.

RainCity Housing and Support Society provides housing, support programs, and builds relationships with over 2000 people throughout British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast, helping to create more options in people’s lives. For over three decades RainCity has worked tirelessly to build connections with people that are inclusive and reciprocal, while creating spaces where people can be safe, respected and heard.

TANNIS G- REIKI MASTER (Tannis Now fully Booked!)

11am – 1pm ~ TANNIS is A Reiki Master and teaches all levels of Reiki Holy Fire III including Master Classes. $15. min. donation for 25 minutes of REIKI ENERGY HEALING. Regular rate $55.00

REIKI is a calming healing experience that helps balance all aspects of the mid body and soul.


11am -2pm ~LAURIE K. is a Psychic Medium. Offering READINGS with crystals. $15. min. donation for 25 minutes. Regular rate $55.00


KELLY will be in at 12pm to offer free 5 minute readings outside and inside the store for those who are waiting for their sessions.

KELLY D. is a PSYCHIC CHANNELLER and SOUL  SEER. Her bookings are now FULL.


11am-1pm  ~STEVI is a Shamanic Healer who will be offering sound healing and smudge energy clearing. 25 minute sessions for min. $15. donation. Regular rate is $50.00


1pm-5pm ~CHRISTINE B. is offering Chakra balancing $15. min. for 25 minutes. Regular rate $55.00


11am-3pm ~KAREN is Intuitive Spiritual Energy healer and Hypnotherapist Offering energy healing and intuitive insights. 25 minute sessions for min. $15. donation. Regular rate is $50.00


2-5pm ~CASSEDI is offering chair massage with essential oils $15. min. for 25 minutes. Regular rate $55.00


3-5pm ~DIANE M. is a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist, Reiki Master and her practices also includes a number of bioenergetic feedback based modalities. Diane is offering Therapeutic Touch healing 15 minutes for a minimum $10 donation. Regular rate is $30

Therapeutic Touch is a non-evasive energy technique to support relaxation and the of release anxiety, tension, pain. Client sits in a chair.


11am- 2pm -FIONA is offeringTheta Healing, Reiki and/or  Galactic Channelling, depending on what Spirit feels your body mind and spirit is needing to balance.   Minimum $15  donation for 25 minutes. Regular rate is $55

Reiki Share

Join Tannis Gauthier of “Sharing Reiki Light” on the 1st Friday of each month for a REIKI SHARE EVENT  7-8:30pm
​$10.00 donation

This session is for new to Reiki participants and newly certified Reiki Practitioners (Levels 1 &2)  No experience necessary. A Reiki share is an event for those intrigued or interested in Holistic Energy Healing where you gain an opportunity to learn about but also experience the Reiki energy. It is also a great opportunity for fellow Reiki Healers of all lineages, levels and styles to come together to practice, share ideas and learn new techniques.

The time you spend on the table is shorter than a regular session, but you are receiving healing from many healers with different levels of practice and experience. The laying on of many pairs of hands creates a massive flow of Reiki Energy providing a deeper healing than a regular session. Group energy is a wonderful and often profound experience.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation

The second Wednesday of each month  
7:00pm – 8:30pm $19.00 plus tax

Relaxing the body to relax the mind.

Please join DIANE MACDONALD of Raincoast Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc. for a different type of meditation. A meditation that focuses on releasing muscle tension from the body. With this type of meditation, taming the mind occurs naturally with ease and grace as muscle tension is released. Meditation has been scientifically and medically linked to…Easing stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Giving rise to improved relationships and productivity. Enhancing short-term memory and the ability to focus and concentrate.
19+ – This is the perfect meditation for beginners, those with a busy mind and those who just want to
relax! Participants need to be sitting in a chair or lying on the floor. Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket and water bottle. The store has chairs for those who would prefer a chair.
Please register by phone (604-937-5540) or on line using the register now button (space is limited to 8).

Mens Conscious Awareness Group

Every Tuesday 7:00pm – 9:00pm $10.00 min. donation

Are you seeking a safe space for spiritual development? Join our group of conscious men in a weekly meditation and discussion forum. Topics will include relationships, spirituality, work life, prosperity and fulfilment. If you are seeking growth and desire to dive deep into Love and Life in a safe and supported environment with other like minded men then this offering is for you! $10 minimum donation.
Please call the store to register or if you have any questions!

Full Moon Circle

Thursday May 16 &  Monday June 17 7:00pm – 9:00pm $25.00 plus gst.

The full moon is a time to celebrate your abundance and to shed light onto what no longer serves us. It is a time to let go and get ready for change by showing gratitude and forgiveness. The full moon circle will involve releasing the things in our lives that no longer serves us. A safe and sacred place will be energetically created to share personal experiences, emotions and blocks.

You will be led through a channelled meditation by Cassedi and you will uncover intuitive insights provided to you by your Spirit Guides.
Learn knowledge and insight on this month’s full moon and its spiritual significance. You are encouraged to bring your personal tarot decks and you will be guided to do a personal spread for reflection purpose.

Join Cassedi Carlsen from AAroma Flow Healing during this month’s full moon!
supported environment with other like minded men then this offering is for you! $10 minimum donation.
Please call the store to register or if you have any questions!

Kelly Delbianco-Psychic Channeller & Soul Healer

SPECIAL RATE Saturday/Sunday May 18 & 19- 30 minute session for $74.99 Regular rate is $140.00!

Kelly works with people who are seeking answers to unlock themselves emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.
Please call the store to register or if you have any questions! SUNDAY SESSIONS ARE  NOW AVAILABLE!

Shamanic Drum Circle with Christine Brain

Thursday, June 20th 7:00pm – 8.30pm $20.00 plus gst.

Join Christine Brain, Shamanic practitioner and energy healer for an uplifting and insightful evening of drumming and movement! Bring your drums and rattles to this soul connecting and healing event. All welcome, no prior experience necessary!
Traditionally, drumming has been used in ceremony and healing for 1000’s of years. The gathering of peoples in drumming circles were initiated to build community, invoke healing and manifest the communities needs, via powerful ceremonies and prayers. By drumming, we connect with the 5 elements of the earth and invite creativity and the sacred into our lives.
Rhythm is a means of organizing sound into energy that sends harmony into the body, mind and spirit, producing peaceful feelings, that boosts the immune system and can help release emotional trauma.
This Shamanic event will uplift your vibration and create a sense of wellbeing through out the whole body. The vibration of the drum releases tensions held in the muscles, boosts energy and empowers creative freedom. This will be a powerful and energetic healing event!



Sacred Sound Healing with Stevi

Saturday, July 20th 7:00pm – 8:30pm $20.00 plus gst.

Stevi is a Shamanic energy healer who will take you on a deep soul journey with sacred sounds of drum, singing bowls and rattles. Her beautiful singing voice will further release the old
wounds and blockages that have kept you from moving forward on your path.
The subtle bodies hold imbalances and traumas that can eventually manifest in our physical bodies, as discomfort, pain and eventually dis-ease. It is important to release these stuck patterns and belief systems to return our bodies to a homeostatic state. (Balanced & healthy)
Sound Healing can help you return your bodiy to it’s natural peaceful self. The sound waves move through you releasing the low vibration occupied in your cells to enable a relaxation that initiates release.



The Way of the Heart for Balance & Wellbeing

Sunday, July  21st 11:00am – 1:00pm $35.00 plus gst.

Join Dian MacDonald from Raincoast Elemental Inc. for an evening of self care and love. When oxygen masks drop down in the plane cabin, you are instructed to place one over your nose first.
if you pass out, who will support those who need your help, those who are unable to fend for themselves.
Loving yourself is the oxygen mask. When you love yourself, you are stronger and more resilient.
Loving yourself is the single most important thing you can do for yourself.
Loving yourself is the single most important thing you can do for those you love and care for.
Workshop includes;
-Understanding the way of the heart
-Exercise to relax and release what no longer serves you.
-Regaining your balance including an exercise to balance the hear chakra.

Certificate of participation with personalized agreement to continue to love yourself.

Exploring Your Energy Field

Sunday May 26th 6-8pm $25 plus GST

Join Susan Mann of Head to Heal who will inform and enlighten participants on how to manage your own energy systems and learn how to raise your vibration to create the life  you want!
Come be inspired! FREE YOURSELF from the patterns that hold you back!
-UNCOVER your limitations
-UNDERSTAND why they exist
-RELEASE the attachments
-RISE up and really shine!
Learn how to grow into your powerful energy and how to activate the energy you hold in and around your body, learn about channeling, and learn more about how energy and the universe work together to help us manifest and live life to its fullest. Get ready to embrace life in a whole new way!

New Moon Celebration and Meditation

Wednesday June  3rd- 7-9pm $25 plus GST

New moons are a time to create, manifest, set intentions; birth and re-birth. Each new moon has a 6 month cycle based on a different area of your lifestyle.
Join Cassedi Carlsen from AAroma Flow Healing during this month’s new moon.

The new moon circle will guide you towards establishing inner-peace and focus towards your hopes and wishes. You will be in a high vibrational sacred space and in the company of like-minded people sharing goals and manifesting your future abundance. Smudging will take place in the beginning to ensure you are cleansed of any stagnant energies.

Cassedi will lead a channelled meditation that will help you be present and clear your minds to plant seeds of intention later in the evening.



White Lotus Divine Healing Wellness Fair June 15th

Saturday June 15th- 11am -5pm

Join us for our 3 year Anniversary Celebration! Our staff and healing Practitioners are offering  a for donation healing event to support Homelessness in our City!. This event will take place at our store 2607 St John’s St. Port Moody

OUTSIDE RETAIL MARKET SALE: local crafted gift ideas, healing and support tools for transformation from 25%-50% off

WELLNESS FAIR: We will be offering 25 minute sessions for a minimum of $15 donation from 1-5pm.

HEALING MODALITIES include Reiki, Intuitive Readings, Mediumship, Shamanic energy healing, Hypnotherapy, Massage and Therapeutic touch!

All healing donations will be collected to support the Homeless.  Raincity Housing is a housing and support Society for the homeless in  the Tricities. Please help us to make a small difference in our community!

We hope to see you there! 

To register please call the store at 604 937 5540. Registration is open Tuesday May 21st 11am.




Litha- The Summer Solstice Celebration

Friday June 21st, 7:00-9:00pm $27 plus gst.

Father sun is spreading its light and warmth at its most intensity on this day, the longest of the year.
Litha is an ancient festivity to celebrate the fertilizing energy of the sun and the element of fire.
Join us in this special event to set our intentions for abundant crops in our lives and for the community! Let’s join together in community and receive the blessings of Mother Earth on the day when she is at her fullest strength, fertility and abundance !

Crystal Class with Laurie

Saturday June 22nd, 6:00- 7:30pm $35 plus gst.

Crystals can help amplify, speed up healing, calm the mind and open our hearts.
Join Laurie as she guides us to connecting with the different energies of the beautiful gifts of the earth!

Learn about Grids, crystal healing properties, how to balance chakras and create simple elixirs. Discover how to use crystals safely and effectively. As a special promotion, buy 10 crystals and recieve 30% off your purchase.

Earth Healing Meditative Collective

Wednesday June 26th, 7:00- 8:30pm $10 donation
An Evening of Healing Love for the Planet and All Humanity
“Sending unconditional love to Earth one nation at a time, to unify hearts and minds in peace, love, and reverence for all life” .
We are calling out to all who feel in their hearts that it is time to gather our voices and energies to assist with the healing of our beautiful Mother Earth and all sentient beings.
Join Fiona, from Mossom Creek Wellness in the peaceful ambiance of White Lotus for a healing meditation, energetic mantras and channelled messages from Mother Earth.
Learn how to amplify your energies into your prayers to “leverage” greater love frequencies while manifesting Peace, Harmony, Joy , Love and Reverence for all life on the planet. This unity of heart and mind is very powerful! As we join together we intensify the urgently needed healing energies for Mother Earth.
Thank you for joining us, you are so needed at this time.
​Our intent is to gather every month to assist Mother Gaia and all Humanity with healing energies and prayers.
As we heal ourselves we heal those around us, our ancestors and ultimately Mother Gaia(Earth).

Mind your heart meditation

Sunday June 30th, July 28th- 7.30-8.45pm $27 plus GST

Join Lea Morrison for a heart healing meditation! Set in a crystal protective energy grid, your evening begins with the beautiful music of the Heart Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl. This vibration will clear, open and activate your heart chakra allowing self discovery, healing and ultimately, direction to your souls path. Allowing your body to relax and ready the mind for the gentle channelled meditations from spirit.
“As I take you on a powerful journey of your heart through the heart of Mother Earth, you will leave the class more connected to your souls purpose, grounded through the beat of our Earth energies with a deep sense of compassion for your self and others.”
No experience necessary

Life Transformational Workshop

Thursday July 4th, 7.00-9.00pm $29 plus GST

Life Transformational Workshop 

Thurs. July 4, 7:00 pm -9:00pm $29. plus gst.

Are you ready to take steps to transform your life and finally create the life you have always wanted? Have you tried conventional methods to help move you through difficult problems and find you are still repeating the same patterns?

 Do you feel that you have no control in your life and are struggling to hold on to your relationships and work situations?  If any of this resonates with you it is likely time to look inside and begin the process of releasing those patterns that no longer serve you. 

You will learn powerful yet simple tools to come to an understanding about why you do the things you do, and how to make small changes in your life that create more love and understanding towards yourself and others. This in turn will attract new and positive experiences in your life.

Join Lynn Oldenburg, Metaphysical Coach and holistic healer for a closer look at how cultural programming, pressures to succeed and making money have impacted our quest to find the true authentic self that can result in life transformation and pure happiness.

 Joyful Rebellion Workshop-Featuring the Dalian Method

Monday July 15 & Tuesday July 16- 6:15pm – 9:00pm  $80.00 or register before June 30th and pay $65.00 

A workshop in self-healing and awakening consciousness using the Dalian Method. This is a 2 evening workshop. Both days are required in order to join.

Join Dalian Method Facilitator Jandy Anderson as she teaches us this new method. Jandy brings 18 years of direct study with the creator of the Dalian Method, Mada Eliza Dalian.
Here’s what you can expect from this workshop:

-Release old limiting beliefs that block your joy
-Increase your self-knowledge, see your blindspots
-Discover the revolutionary self-healing Dalian Method and
learn how to use it to solve any problem
-Use laughing meditation to wake-up joy and gain insight into
what blocks joy
-Learn how to decode what your body is telling you through
physical symptoms
-Learn how repressed thoughts and feelings create blockages
and how to systematically remove repressed thoughts
and feelings from your body
-Take charge of your own healing, learn how to heal yourself
and find your own answers inside
-Deepen your meditation practice and your understanding of

Space is limited in this workshop due to the individualized guidance provided to participants, early registration is recommended.
Please call the store to book 604-937-5540.

A short description of what the Dalian Method is:
The Dalian Method is a revolutionary self-healing system. It is a guided step-by-step process that uses breathing techniques, out-loud verbal expression and body movement. It is a transformational process that wakes up your consciousness and gives you a way to solve any problem.

In the words of Mada Eliza Dalian Dalian:
“The Dalian Method helps to permanently transform the underlying causes of identification with fear, self-doubt, jealousy, anger, insecurity, chronic pain, and disease into consciousness.”

Learn more about the Dalian Method and about this workshop: contact Jandy at evoheal@gmail.com or 604.349.9336. Check out her website www.evoheal.ca

Find out more about Mada Eliza Dalian at www.MadaDalian.com

In the words of past participants of the Joyful Rebellion Workshop:

“Jandy is amazing and so WISE!! I was simply blown away by how she understood each participant and helped them see deeper.”

“The Dalian Method session gave me things I was always looking for. I can’t recommend anything for improvement. It was perfect. “

“Chance to focus on my own issues in a new way. Technique is clearly powerful and transformational.”

”Regardless of your knowledge in life this can be used by anyone and applied to everything. I wish the workshop was longer. It was so wonderful. When are you coming back?”





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