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Meditation, Healing & Sound Healing Events

We have a variety of ongoing zoom and in person meditations and sound healing events.  As well as other specialized healing events. 


  Explore our circles on variety of topics. We have full moon circles devoted to re-connecting with the moon, mother nature and the rising feminine. Brotherhood circles where awakened men can gather who are interested in shared support. Wiccan ceremonial circles, to explore the pagan holidays. And groups to support your mental health and wellness.

Spiritual & Tarot & Crystal Events

Learn more about your own spiritual lineage or tarot or crystals or hone your spiritual skills.

Meditation and Sound Healing Events:

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation on Zoom!

Wednesdays, Jan 13th, Feb 10th, Mar 10th, Apr 14th
7:00pm – 8:15pm $15.00 plus tax

“Relaxing the body to relax the mind.”

Please join Diane MacDonald of Raincoast Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc. for a unique type of meditation. This meditation focuses on releasing muscle tension from the body.

With this type of meditation, taming the mind occurs naturally, with ease and grace, as muscle tension is released.

Meditation has been scientifically and medically linked to: easing stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. It may also: give rise to improved relationships and productivity, enhance short-term memory and the ability to focus and concentrate.

This is the perfect meditation for beginners or experts, those with a busy mind and those who just want to relax!

The meditation will take place over Zoom, so be sure to be in a comfortable, quite place, where you can sit in a chair or lay down. $15+GST.

Please call the store at 604-937-5540  to sign up and receive the Zoom link.

Guided Meditation on Zoom!

Last Thursday of Each Month (*April is on the last Friday)
7:00pm – 8:15pm $15.00 plus tax
The last Thursday of every month, join Diane MacDonald of Raincoast Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc. as she guides you back to Self. These meditations will be held over Zoom.
Each month, there will be a different unique theme for the meditations:
Jan – Labyrinth
Feb – Heart Chakra
Mar – Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras
April 30th (Fri)- Throat, Brow and Crown Chakras
May – Chakra – Colours and Nature
June – Chakra – Crystals and Nature
July – Chakra – Geometric Symbols
Aug – Chakra – Lotus Flower
Sept – Self-Healing
Oct – Meridians – 5 Elements
Nov – Heart Chakra
Dec – Shadow Work

The meditation will take place over Zoom, so be sure to be in a comfortable, quite place, where you can sit in a chair or lay down. $15+GST. Sign up by calling the store to receive your zoom link!

Please call the store at 604-937-5540.

Sacred Sound Healing with Stevi

SATURDAY, APRIL 17, 2021 AT 6:30 PM PDT – 8:30 PM PDT $35+GST.

Stevi is a Shamanic energy healer, who will take you on a deep soul journey with the sacred sounds of the drum, crystal singing bowls and rattles. She has been channeling Light Language since she was a child, which is a channeled language of universal love + cosmic frequencies helping to activate DNA healing. In recent years she has reactivated this gift in order to share love and light with all.

The evening begins by honouring and calling in the directions and setting sacred space. Sacred space is a container to sink into self discovery, allowing you to feel safe and protected during the journey.

Here’s what can be experienced in this sound journey:
-removal of energetic blocks or stuck behaviours/patterns
-expansion of intuition
-visions, heightened dreams
-grounding and heart opening
-deep state of relaxation (helping to lower blood pressure)
-individual channelled light language messages and healing
(no results are guaranteed, and everyone has a different and unique experience. It is best to come in with an open mindset, set intentions for yourself but not be attached to the outcome!)

Our subtle bodies hold imbalances and traumas that can eventually manifest in our physical bodies as discomfort, pain, and eventually dis-ease. It is important to release these stuck patterns and belief systems to return our bodies to homeostasis (balanced & healthy).

Sound healing can help you return your body to it’s natural peaceful state. The sound waves move through you releasing any low vibrations occupied in your cells, in order to enable the relaxation that initiates release.

What to bring:
-Water bottle
-Eye pillow
-Yoga mat
-Bolsters, blankets

$35+GST. Book in the ticketing link, limited to 6 people to sign up so make sure to secure your spot! Call 604 937 5540 to register.

Healing the Heart with Crystals & Meditation

SATURDAY, APRIL 24th, 2021 AT 7 PM – 9 PM PDT $30+GST.

Imbalances of the heart can be seen or felt in a variety of ways:

-lack of self love or difficulties with receiving from others

-challenges in relationships, i.e. codependency, clinginess, or aloofness

-holding grudges against others

-difficulties with forgiveness of Self or others

As well, there is the overbearing pain of heartbreak, loss of a loved one, and grief that often feels like an anvil on the heart.

Whatever your pain is or whatever it represents, know that your body has the ability to truly heal. The first step is in making the decision to do so, the second step is in taking action.

Beverleigh’s workshop is an opportunity to connect in with your own Heart, check in on how it’s doing, and empower yourself in knowing you can restore balance back to your life.

In a safe, sacred container, Beverleigh will bring you into your deepest heart space with Spirit inspired meditations and simple physical postures to open your Heart area. The evening will close with a crystal healing; each stone infused with the intention of balancing the Heart chakra.

Cost: $30+gst. Please sign up through the ticketing link attached or on our website. Workshop is limited to 6 people so make sure to secure your spot! Please bring a mask, water, and any sacred items that may help you connect with your Heart.

Intro To Seated Meditation

FRIDAY, MAY 7th, 2021 AT 7 PM – 9 PM PDT $25+GST.

If you have been curious about meditation but are not sure where to start, this is the place for you! In this class, we will introduce you to the basics of seated meditation so you can be confident going forward with your own practice.
This is an intro level course, led by Beverleigh Wickins of Sacred Soul Connexions, that covers breath work, centring and grounding. It also includes a Spirit channeled guided visualization exercise/meditation for balance and harmony.
Cost: $25+gst. Please bring a mask, water, pen and paper for notes!

Insight & Intuition

FRIDAY, MAY 14th, 2021 AT 7 PM – 9 PM PDT $30+GST.

This evening will teach you how to use meditation to meet enlightened beings, spiritual teachers, ascended masters, your Guide(s) and/or Higher Self.
These relationships to your Guides will be discovered and explored during the session. This can allow you to deepen spiritually and naturally open up your intuitive abilities creating the necessary space within for wisdom and guidance to flow.
Taught by Beverleigh Wickens, of Sacred Soul Connexions. Read more about Beverleigh on our website!
Cost: $30+gst, please bring a water bottle, mask, pen and paper for notes. Sign up in the ticketing link!

Heart Connections & Three Fold Flame Meditation

FRIDAY, MAY 21st, 2021 AT 7 PM – 9 PM PDT $30+GST.

The three-fold flame rests in a sacred chamber within the heart. It was placed there by our higher power for personal safety and soul preservation. We carry this flame with us from birth onwards to death, and when we pass over it is reabsorbed by Spirit.
When in balance, the three-fold flame provides you with an amazing connection to your Higher Self. Join Beverleigh as she takes you on a deep meditative journey where you will discover how to connect with all three flames for expansion of love and healing in your life.
Cost: $30+gst. Please bring a mask, water. Sign up through the ticketing link! 
KELLY DelBianco

Medical Intuitive Readings with Kelly DiBianco

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021 at 11 AM PST – 6 PM PST, $160 +GST/1 hour session

Kelly is a Psychic Seer as well as a certified Medical Intuitive. She has the ability to “see” inside the body and read the
energy patterns of the physical, emotional and spiritual energies with the use of her speciality medical Spirit Guides.

She will view the internal body and read the energy centres as she is directed by her Spirit Guides. Kelly also has the
ability to facilitate your healing journey of these energetic imbalances to allow you to create change in your physical,
emotional, energetic and spiritual self.

Call 604 937 5540 to register.


Earth Goddess Return Monthly Circle

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 7 PM PDT – 9 PM PDT $25+GST.

Join us for a monthly Goddess circle during each Full moon. This is the most energetic time of month to gather and remember our shared past in goddess culture. Led by owner of White Lotus, Lynn, and rotating holistic teachers each month.

Those who are called to this time of feminine reunification & connection are remembering their gifts and the knowledge acquired through past lives as Wisdom Keepers, Healers and Counsellors. We will discuss how the suppression and domestication of women has kept us in the shadows of our personal power and disconnected us from each other + Mother Gaia.

Our second circle in April occurs with the first Supermoon of the year. This larger size moon is called the Pink Full Moon. The colour pink represents the beauty of spring flowers and is associated with the Goddess culture of ritual and self care.

$25+GST. Class limited to 6 people, sign up through the ticketing link!
What to bring:
-a mask
-water bottle
-journal + pen
-any sacred items you wish to add to the altar, oracle/tarot deck, crystals, jewelry

Mental Health Support Group

SUNDAY, MAY 2, 2021 AT 7 PM – 9 PM 

$10+GST minimum donation

This is a monthly gathering to support those that have struggled or are currently struggling with mental health.
It is time to remove the stigma of mental health, and bring compassion to the forefront so we can heal and balance all aspects of ourselves. This will be a safe space to come exactly as you are, in acceptance that all parts of you are valid and worthy.
Community is so important for mental health because it helps us know we are not alone. Everyone has gone through their own journey, and we all have something to share and teach each other.
This group will be facilitated by Sicily Oldenburg, who has worked at White Lotus for 2 years, managing the front desk and the social media, she also has a B.Sc in Environmental Science.
Sicily will be teaching different holistic methods for balancing mental & physical health that she has learned along her journey. She offers both the perspective of spiritual understanding alongside the Western scientific approach as she has personal experience using both for her own healing.
$10 minimum donation
Please bring a mask and water bottle.

Conscious Brotherhood with Serge Jaswal

Tuesdays   7:00pm – 9:00pm  $10.00 min. donation 

Max 6 participants

Are you unclear about where you fit into the shifting social changes that are rewriting some of the male cultural belief systems? Are you experiencing low energy, and thoughts that impact life fulfillment? Through empathy and compassion this group will support your uncertainties and greatest questions.

This group is a place for men to gather and support each other through shared experiences.

The Conscious Brotherhood is a group of awakened men living with integrity, recognizing the importance of self healing through connection and shared experiences. We are learning to accept both the light and dark sides of the self to ultimately integrate healing and the acceptance of personal power in a positive way. This shift can genuinely affect our loved ones and even help heal Mother Earth. Our program consists of a short meditation, group check-in, and processes that initiate growth, balance, and connection to our authentic self.

Call for more information and to register @ 604 937 5540


Spiritual, Tarot, Crystal & other Metaphysical Events & Classes:

6 week Spiritual Development Class with Bev

6 Weeks on Wednesdays. Starting April 7th 7 PM – 9 PM $250 + GST

Join Beverleigh of Sacred Soul Connexions as she brings her Spiritual Development Circle to White Lotus!

The Spiritual Development Circle (SDC) consists of levels 1-7, and each consecutive level runs 6 weeks.  The purpose is to provide a safe and productive environment where your gifts (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience) are discovered, gently drawn to the surface and developed to the highest level possible.

Due to the unique nature of these classes, once a circle is formed it will be not be open for others to join in, it is considered closed. Each level builds consecutively upon the previous one for your whole spiritual development with a Certificate of Completion available at courses end.

Classes are comprised of lessons & discussions, practical work by students, and group work in circle.

Contact Beverleigh at Sacred Soul Connexions cell: 604-362-4447 or via email: Beverleigh66@gmail.com for additional details!

Open Circle Development with Joanne

4 Weeks on Thursdays. Starting April 8th 7 PM – 9 PM $200 + GST

An Open Circle is a sacred gathering for development. In the circle, we build energy together, facilitating growth of spiritual awareness and psychic abilities.

Circles are safe, supportive and confidential. Because it is an open circle, all levels of experience are welcome!

This class is led by trained Medium and Psychic, Joanne Fetchko of Breath of Being Readings. Joanne is also a Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master Practitioner.

In these classes, you will explore your unique Spiritual Senses, also known as “Clairs”. Through lessons, practices, and development exercises, you will become aware of your own gifts beyond the 5 senses. You will also connect with other members in the class through 1-on-1 exercises.

You will learn about:

-The 5 Clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience etc.)
-The difference between Mediums and Psychics
-Trusting your intuition
-Different types of meditation

There will be discussions, meditations and most importantly, practice exercises, including:

-Oracle Cards

4 consecutive weeks starting April 8th, 7-9 PM. Cost $200+GST
This is an open circle so if someone joins late, there will be a prorated cost (this is space dependent)
Please bring a mask, water, journal, any sacred items you wish to work with like a crystal, oracle or tarot deck.

Art of Tarot: 2-Day Workshop

April 9 + April 16 7-9pm $125 + GST Interested in learning more about the Tarot deck as a healing modality? Join us for 2 NIGHTS of teachings and practical experience for this Art of Tarot workshop taught by Beverleigh of Sacred Soul Connexions.

You will learn about the history of Tarot, how to interpret the Major and Minor Arcana Cards, and understand how the cards work together or against each other in a reading, and so much more!

Learning to read Tarot Cards will give you access to spiritual knowledge that can help move you forward on your journey, often revealing new insights or options.

Tarot can also support and reaffirm what is already known. You do not need to have a well developed spiritual connection or “psychic power” in order to get valuable information from Tarot.

Cost: $125+gst. Secure your spot in the ticketing link or from our website. Workshop is limited to 6 clients due to covid and to provide ample spacing.

Please bring a mask, your own tarot deck, water, and a journal.

Self Love Workshop with Tannis & Stevi

SATURDAY, MAY 1, 2021 AT 6:30 PM PDT – 9:30 PM $111+GST

Are you ready to start taking care of you? Are you ready to say YES to empowering & nurturing your Spirit!
Join us for an evening of Self-Love, Rebalancing & Reconnecting to your True Self ❤
Here’s what the evening will include:
-Learn self-love practice & methods
-Cacao ceremony paired with restorative movement
-Mirror work
-Ocean of Holy Love Reiki Healing experience
-Make your own affirmation cards
-Learn mantras
The evening will end with a beautiful sound healing by Stevi!
Here’s what you will take home:
-Mala Bracelet from ‘Our Walk with Buddha’
-Custom essential oil blend
-Affirmation Cards
-Rose Quartz Crystal imbued with healing energy
Investment: $111+gst. Be sure to secure your spot through the ticketing link, this event is limited to 6 people. Bring a mask and a water bottle!

Lemurian Sound Healing Journey

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2021 AT 7 PM – 8:30 PM $45+GST

or  SATURDAY, JUNE 5, 2021 AT 7 PM – 8:30 PM

Join Lemurian Healing™ Practitioner, Tannis, and Shamanic Energy Healer, Stevi, as they create a sacred container to melt and release into high vibrational healing energy.
Tannis will begin the evening with a guided meditation where you will:
· Receive activations to reconnect to ancient Lemurian wisdom within you.
· Meet your Lemurian Guide.
· Learn your Lemurian name.
Next, Stevi will take you on a sound healing journey with crystal singing bowls, drums, vocals, and other instruments she is guided to use. During this, you will receive hands-on Lemurian Healing™ and activations from Tannis. You will leave the event feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and harmonized!
Investment: $45+gst
Please use the ticketing link to secure your spot, the maximum capacity is 6 people. Bring a mask, water, and any sacred items you wish to place on the altar.

Wand Making Workshop & Past Life Meditation

Thursday May 13th 7-9:30pm $65 + GST

Join us for a magical evening, as Joanne of ‘Breath of Being Readings’ guides you to make your own unique crystal wand.
If you are fascinated by the thought of making a wand it’s not just because wands (and Hogwarts!) are cool. Our souls remember everything through our lives past and present, so if you are being called to make a wand, it is because you’ve had one in a past life!
The class will begin with a meditative journey to make that past life connection before you embark on the construction of your wand.
What are wands used for and how do we use them?
Wands amplify any energy you are working with and the combination of crystals used on it can be very powerful as they work in conjunction.
You will choose the theme of your wand which will determine the crystals you receive:
1) Chakras, Meditation, Connection to Spirit
2) Love, Self care, Relationships
3) Prosperity + Abundance
4) Inner Healing + Health
Your intention will be programmed into the wand as you create it. We will send out in an email in advance for you to select which type of wand you want to make.
At the end of class we will clear and activate each wand.
All supplies are included. Bring a notebook, pen, mask and water.

Crystals and Gemstones

SATURDAY, MAY 22, 2021 AT 7 PM PDT – 9 PM $25 + GST

Join Beverleigh Wickins of Sacred Soul Connexions for an evening of deep dives into the magical realm of crystals!
The application of crystals and gemstones for healing, protection, and beauty dates back thousands of years. Jet, lapis lazuli, and amber have been recovered from early deposits of ancient peoples. Shamans, medicine people, and healers have worked with crystals for protection, personal power, and healing since ancient time, and continue to in modern day. Humans have a long history of being fascinated by the beauty and power of these special earth treasures.
This workshop will help you improve your relationship with crystals and gemstones as you discover how to effectively incorporate them into your daily life.
Enhancing your connection with the crystal realm is directly related to deepening your connect with your inner guidance, wisdom, and intuition. By doing so, you may experience increased mental clarity, reduced stress and anxiety, or a more optimistic outlook on life.
Here’s what the evening will cover:
-Choosing the right crystal for you
-Crystal care and maintenance
-Meditation and crystal applications
-Healing with crystals
-Divinations, past life recall and Crystal Grids
BONUS: You will go home with a small crystal of your choice!
**If you have any crystals you need identified or have questions about, please bring them to the event!
What to bring: mask, water bottle, notebook and pen
Maximum 6 participants. Investment: $25 plus GST 

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