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*We require 48 hours notice for cancellations of events to receive a full refund. Card refunds can take 7-10 business days to process.

Guided Meditations

We have monthly guided meditations on Zoom & in-person.

Spiritual & Development Events

Learn more about your Spiritual gifts, develop your intuitive skills, learn about tarot, crystals, chakras, Shamanism, galactic healing, light language and MORE.

Series & Repeating Events

We have class series that allow you to build on your learning & build community

Guided Meditation Events:

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation on Zoom with Diane

Wednesday Jan 10th, Feb 7th, March 13th, April 10th, May 8th,June 12th, July 10th, Aug 14th, Sept 11th, Oct 9th, Nov 13th, Dec 4th
7:15pm – 8:45pm $15.00 plus tax per class

“Relaxing the body to relax the mind.”

Please join Diane MacDonald of Raincoast Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc. for a unique type of meditation. This meditation focuses on releasing muscle tension from the body.

With this type of meditation, taming the mind occurs naturally, with ease and grace, as muscle tension is released.

Meditation has been scientifically and medically linked to: easing stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. It may also: give rise to improved relationships and productivity, enhance short-term memory and the ability to focus and concentrate.

This is the perfect meditation for beginners or experts, those with a busy mind and those who just want to relax!

The meditation will take place over Zoom, so be sure to be in a comfortable, quite place, where you can sit in a chair or lay down. $15+GST.

Buy a package:

Buying this package lets you book 3 of Diane’s meditations for $36+GST. That’s 15% off of her regular price and can be used for any of her online meditation events…. Progressive Muscle Relaxation or Guided Meditation. The package expires after 180 days.


Guided Meditation on Zoom with Diane

Last Wednesday of Each Month 
7:15pm – 8:45pm $15.00 plus tax
The last Wednesday of every month, join Diane MacDonald of Raincoast Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc. as she guides you back to Self. These meditations will be held over Zoom.
Each month, there will be a different unique theme for the meditations:
Jan – 5 elements
Feb – Heart Chakra
Mar – Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras
April- Throat, Brow and Crown Chakras
May – Chakra – Colours and Nature
June – Chakra – Crystals and Nature
July – Chakra – Geometric Symbols
Aug – Chakra – Lotus Flower
Sept – Self-Healing
Oct – Labyrinth
Nov – Heart Chakra (Journey with Deer, Dragonfly, & Turtle)
Dec – Shadow Work

The meditation will take place over Zoom, so be sure to be in a comfortable, quite place, where you can sit in a chair or lay down.

Buy a package:

Buying this package lets you book 3 of Diane’s meditations for $36+GST. That’s 15% off of her regular price and can be used for any of her online meditation events…. Progressive Muscle Relaxation or Guided Meditation. The package expires after 180 days.


Meditation For Teens with Sicily

Tuesday February 20th, 6:30pm-8:30pm, $20+GST per class

These circles are a safe space where we will learn to express authentically and connect with likeminded individuals! The sessions begin with guided meditation & lead into discussion & teachings around different topics of spirituality. Sicily will lead meditations focused on bringing feelings of peace and calm to help one find centre.

Sicily often uses sound healing, like drumming, singing bowls, ocean drum, chimes, rainsticks, etc.

Topics of discussion would include: crystals, energy, tarot/oracle cards, chakras, auras, manifesting, herbal medicine, or anything else the group is interested in learning.

Spiritual & Development Events:


Sound Healing Meditation with Sicily

Monday April 15th,  7-8:45pm $28+GST


The theme of April’s meditation is: Alignment. What does it mean to be in alignment? How does that feel for you? Do you know when you’re in alignment and when you’re not?

Being in alignment with your energy field is one of the best way we can “protect” ourselves. Using sound, meditation, and journeying within Self, we can shift energies within to feel more calm, at peace, and relaxed.

Crystal singing bowls, hand drums, rain sticks, chimes, ocean drums (and more!) will be used.

These meditation circles begin with some discussion and opening share to create a container of safety and healing. Each meditation is intuitively guided based off what the guests need, but the intention is always to leave with a feeling of peace, centred and grounded.

Spirit Animals

Meet Your Animal Spirit Guide with Kelly

Thurs April 18th, 7-9 pm, $45+GST

Join Master spiritual Mentor Kelly Delbianco for an evening to meet your Animal Spirit Guides. You will learn how to connect and work with your guides, building a relationship with them. Learn how to work with your animal guides on a daily basis. There will be teachings, a journey through meditation, and discussion.

Introduction to Working With Crystals with Nadine

Sat April 20th 7-8:15pm, $35+GST

This is a workshop on learning how to work energetically with crystals. How to honour and respect the wisdom of crystals, while learning to connect to their knowledge for your highest good.
What is included:
-Types of Crystals
-Cleansing crystals
-Connecting with the energy of crystals
-Sourcing crystals
-Meditation with crystals
-plus a Special Gift!

Songs for Self Regulation

April 26th 7-9 pm, $22+GST

Movement, song, art and ritual designed to connect us with our JOY!

Have fun, meet new friends, and learn chants for ritual, connection, and nervous system regulation. If you are craving spiritual community and joyous celebration, this is for you. Folx of all genders, religious traditions, sexual orientation and lineage are welcome here. 

 About your facilitator:

GOLDbard (they/them) is an Embodiment Witch  and certified Trauma Recovery Coach. They alchemize the neuroscience of trauma recovery and the magic of witchcraft in the service of healing themselves and so-called others. The focus of their work is on helping folks learn to re-connect with their body’s innate wisdom. They use chanting, ritual, and oracles in their practice.


Meditation & Healing Circle with Vicki

May 7th 7-9 pm, $33+GST

Meditation Healing Circle with Vicki Cartwright is a sacred space where participants are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and inner transformation. Through a series of intention-setting meditations guided by Vicki, attendees are encouraged to connect with their inner guidance system, tapping into the wisdom and intuition that resides within.

One of the central themes of the circle is the concept of “coming home to your soul self.” Participants are invited to explore their deepest essence, reconnecting with their truest selves and finding solace in the nurturing embrace of their own souls.

Throughout the sessions, emphasis is placed on building a personal inner altar and sacred space, a symbolic representation of one’s journey and inner landscape. This altar serves as a focal point for meditation and reflection, offering support and guidance along the path of self-discovery.

Above all, the Meditation Healing Circle is a space of joy, excitement, and boundless possibility. Participants are invited to share their experiences, insights, and laughter as they ignite the flame of inner joy and embark on a journey of self-love and empowerment.


Herbal Remedies with Sicily

Thursday May 9th 7-9 pm, $33+GST

Gain the confidence to begin your journey with herbal medicine & plant remedies! This is an introductory workshop that will share techniques for incorporating herbal remedies into your daily life, the different forms of herbs (infusions, decoctions, tinctures, elixirs), as well as foraging tips for locally grown herbs and mushrooms. We will focus on herbs for: female hormonal balance, immune support, detoxing, general health. There will be samples! Herb wisdom that is simple and accessible to all!


Learn to Use the Ancient Atlantean Merkaba with Karen

May 14th 7-9 pm, $33+GST


The Ancient Altanteans knew the power of the Merkaba, an ancient sacred geometric form that assists with protection, ascension, multi-dimensional travel and manifestation. Learn to energetically build and spin the merkaba properly in order to use the merkaba as an everyday tool for supporting your ascension. Also, take a sound and meditative journey and learn to utilize the merkaba as a tool for manifestation.

  •  Learn to construct this sacred geometric form within your light body and activate it around you to protect yourself and those you love.
  • Learn to use the Merkaba to co-create with the universe to achieve your desires in harmony with the highest good.
  • Learn to travel interdimensionally in the Merkaba the way the ancient Atlanteans travelled.
  • Practice activating and working with your Merkaba experientially in a meditative journey

Women's Circle with Krissa

Tuesday May 21st 7-9 pm, $44+GST

A Women’s Circle is a gathering of women who come together to co-create a space for healing, support, nourishment and inspiration. Join Krissa Ludvigsen, a local Port Moody resident and yoga teacher (Dharma, Restorative, Nidra) for an evening of sincere connection and remembrance. Expect Rituals, Live Music, Journalling Prompts and Movement, Aromatherapy, Gentle Yoga and Heart-to-Heart Sharing Sessions. Hot tea will also be provided so bring your favourite mug, a journal and something to write with, and your cosiest clothes. Come as you are and maybe even bring your favourite soul sister along with you! “Here’s to strong women! May we known them, may we be them, may we raise them
About the Facilitator:

Hi, I´m Krissa, 500hr certified Dharma Yoga teacher, global nomad, mother of two and creator of the Dharma Straps.

When I first started practicing yoga at the age of 17, yoga to me was a physical practice.

Yoga made sense to me because its teachings and philosophy resonated on a deep level. It gave me direction, conscious community, inspiration and a remedy for the mental and emotional aches of life. At the age of 35, I was called to do ceremony in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California. It was through my experiences with shamanism, plant medicine and deep, soulful healing that I now find myself with a new framework for describing what yoga means to me. That word is: remembrance
lemurian waterfall

Ancient Wisdom Teachings Workshop with Tannis

May 23rd, 30th, June 6th 7-9 pm, $175+GST

An introduction to Ancient Wisdom techniques and healing, and how to use them in your daily life.

Lemurian, Egyptian and Quantum Healing, what do all these ancient healings have in common? They all guide you to unleash your Souls greatest potential, igniting a light within you, expanding your bandwidth to hold higher frequencies and raise your consciousness.

All three believe everything in the universe is made up of energy, how we consciously interact with this energy, plays a role in shaping our reality and our well-being. We are here to become our most authentic greatest self, these teachings will guide you to live a life of balance, peace and harmony. Also, raising your vibrations to align with higher realms, and activate light codes within you.

We will take a closer look at how to shift energy and support healing by way of mindful intention. Learning how to recognize underlying energetic imbalances in your body, and use the ancient tools and techniques to bring yourself back into balance. Also, learning Ancient Egyptian energy healing tools to accelerate our personal development and elevate our vibrational frequency. These techniques work on all levels of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies.

In this workshop, you will learn how to use these tools, techniques and healings and weave them into your daily practice. Aligning your healing practices with your unique healing needs, will empower you to live your best life possible.

Each night we will focus on one of the three healing modalities, practicing the tools & techniques, discuss the wisdom and receiving the healing through activations and mediations. 

Are you ready to ascend into the next version of your self? Then this workshop is for you.

All are welcome, no experience necessary, but an understanding of energy healing would be helpful.

Spiritual Development Series & Circles & Regularly Repeating Events:


Healing Circle with Tracy Marshall

Thursdays on June 13th, July 18th, Aug 15th, Sept 12th, Oct 17th

  7-9pm $44+GST per class

Tracy is a gifted intuitive healer with her roots growing up in Ireland. A keen traveller, Tracy journeyed to Canada to fully embrace her gift and to teach others.
In this journey we call life, we are here to learn and to experience. Tracy brings a wealth of wisdom as she channels the divine energy of the Archangels during her healing sessions.
Tracy is drawn to working with those who are struggling with their own gifts. We all have the ability to connect to divine energy. Tracy helps you to remove anything resisting that authentic Self.
What we seek outside of ourselves, can be uncovered from within.

Spirit Guides With Kelly DelBianco Master Spiritual Mentor

Series occurs on 6 evenings from 7-9pm

Dates: TBA 

$585 +GST *50% deposit taken to secure your spot (the balance will be due closer to the start of the series)

Have you ever wanted to meet your Spirit Guides? In this course you will meet your five fundamental guides. Teach you how to talk with your Guides, receive messages, develop a personal relationship with them as well as how to utilize your guides in your life. Plus so much more
Prerequisite: Close your eyes. See a red apple in your mind. Now change the red apple to a white feather. This class requires journeying in the minds eye. If you are unable to do the visual exercise this class is not appropriate for you at this time.

Monday Open Circle Development with Joanne

Mondays May 13, June 3, 10, 17

7 PM – 9 PM

$50 + GST per class or $180 +GST for 4 Class Series

An Open Circle is a sacred gathering for development. In the circle, we build energy together, facilitating growth of spiritual awareness and psychic abilities.

Circles are safe, supportive and confidential. Because it is an open circle, all levels of experience are welcome!

This class is led by trained Medium and Psychic, Joanne Fetchko of Breath of Being Readings. Joanne is also a Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master Practitioner.

In these classes, you will explore your unique Spiritual Senses, also known as “Clairs”. Through lessons, practices, and development exercises, you will become aware of your own gifts beyond the 5 senses. You will also connect with other members in the class through 1-on-1 exercises.

You will learn about:

-The 5 Clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience etc.)
-The difference between Mediums and Psychics
-Trusting your intuition
-Different types of meditation

There will be discussions, meditations and most importantly, practice exercises, including:

-Oracle Cards

Please bring a water, journal, any sacred items you wish to work with like a crystal, oracle or tarot deck.

New Moon Ceremony

New Moon Reiki Sound Bath with Mona

Sundays: May 5th, June 9th, July 7th, August 4th, September 1st

6PM – 8PM, $50+GST

The New Moon marks the start of a new lunar cycle, it symbolizes new beginnings and is a potent time for manifesting our desires, starting new projects and setting new intentions. Come get lost in a variety of sounds and frequencies meant to uplift your spirit while clearing your energy of the old, helping raise your frequency to help anchor in your manifestations.


In this circle we will start with short guided breathing mediation including some gentle yoga poses to connect to the body, then relaxing into a 90 minute sound bath with crystal singing bowls. By incorporating some breath-work and Reiki we are able to dive deep into a state of relaxation allowing our mind, body and soul to truly heal.
We will end this session with some writing, sharing and burning our manifestations together.
Please bring: yoga mat (chairs are provided if preferred) blankets, pillow, eye pillow, pen, paper, and any crystals (optional) you would like to work with.

Full Moon Reiki Sound Bath with Mona

Sundays: April 21st, May 26th, June 23rd, July 21st 6PM – 8PM, $50+GST

SPECIAL COLLABORATION EVENT: April 21st will be a collaborative sound bath experience with Mona & Sicily to honour Earth Day on April 22nd.

Let’s honour and celebrate this beautiful planet by sending some healing around the globe. Journey with the drum, crystal singing bowls, chimes, ocean drum and rainstick, to find a place of calm deep within. Raising our own vibration helps raise the vibration of our planet
Use the booking link below to book the Earth Day Sound Bath with Mona & Sicily on April 22nd.

Full moons are a magical time for releasing, endings and making space for new energies to enter our lives, and what better way to end this lunar cycle than with a sound bath that takes you a journey to the depth of your soul to bring forth all that no longer aligns with your higher self while bringing peace, stillness and tranquility to your mind, body and soul.

By incorporating some breath-work, and Reiki we are able to dive deep into a state of relaxation, allowing our mind, body and soul to truly let go and release all tension, negativity and anxiety, leaving us light, happy and fulfilled

To finish this sound bath, we will do a burning ritual of all the things we would like to release and pull some oracle cards for inspiration. Please bring: yoga mat (chairs are provided if preferred), blankets, pillow, eye pillow, a mason jar, pen and paper and any crystals you would like to work with.

Reiki energy share

Reiki Share - Practitioners Only

 7-9 PM, $25 + GST

Wed Feb 21st, Wed Mar 20th, Wed Apr 17th, Wed May 15th, Wed June 19th


Join Tannis Gauthier of “Sharing Reiki Light” for a monthly Reiki Share.
This session is for Reiki Practitioners of any lineage. A Reiki share is an event for those intrigued or interested in Holistic Energy Healing where you gain an opportunity to learn about but also experience the Reiki energy. It is also a great opportunity for fellow Reiki Healers of all lineages, levels and styles to come together to practice, share ideas and learn new techniques.
The time you spend on the table is shorter than a regular session, but you are receiving healing from many healers with different levels of practice and experience. The laying on of many pairs of hands creates a massive flow of Reiki Energy providing a deeper healing than a regular session. Group energy is a wonderful and often profound experience.

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