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Reiki Share ~All Welcome

Next Share- FALL ! Waiting on approval from Reiki Assoc.


Join Tannis Gauthier of “Sharing Reiki Light” on the 1st Monday of each month for a REIKI SHARE EVENT  7-8:30pm
​$10.00 donation

This session is for new to Reiki participants and newly certified Reiki Practitioners (Levels 1 &2)  No experience necessary. A Reiki share is an event for those intrigued or interested in Holistic Energy Healing where you gain an opportunity to learn about but also experience the Reiki energy. It is also a great opportunity for fellow Reiki Healers of all lineages, levels and styles to come together to practice, share ideas and learn new techniques.

The time you spend on the table is shorter than a regular session, but you are receiving healing from many healers with different levels of practice and experience. The laying on of many pairs of hands creates a massive flow of Reiki Energy providing a deeper healing than a regular session. Group energy is a wonderful and often profound experience.

Please call to register 604-937-5540 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation on Zoom!

New Date!  Wednesdays, September 9th, October 14, November 11, December 9.
7:00pm – 8:15pm $15.00 plus tax

Relaxing the body to relax the mind.

Please join DIANE MACDONALD of Raincoast Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc. for a different type of meditation. A meditation that focuses on releasing muscle tension from the body. With this type of meditation, taming the mind occurs naturally with ease and grace as muscle tension is released. Meditation has been scientifically and medically linked to…Easing stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Giving rise to improved relationships and productivity. Enhancing short-term memory and the ability to focus and concentrate.
19+ – This is the perfect meditation for beginners, those with a busy mind and those who just want to
relax! Participants need to be sitting in a chair or lying on the floor. Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket and water bottle. The store has chairs for those who would prefer a chair.

Please call the store at 604-937-5540  to receive the Zoom link and payment.

Conscious Brotherhood with Serge Jaswal

 in store Tuesdays   7:00pm – 9:00pm  Oct 6th, 20th; Nov 3rd, 17th; Dec 1st, Dec 15th $10.00 min. donation 
A place for men to gather, and support each other through shared experiences within a shifting universe that is filled with uncertainty, yet contains much abundance and joy.
The Conscious Brotherhood  is a group of awakened  men living with integrity, recognizing the importance of self healing through connection and shared experiences. We are learning to accept both the light and dark sides of the self  to ultimately integrate healing and the acceptance of personal power in a positive way.  This shift can genuinely affect our loved ones and even help heal Mother earth. Our program  consists of a short meditation, group check in, and  processes that initiate growth, balance, and  connection to our authentic  personae.

Are you unclear about where you fit into the shifting social changes that are rewriting some of the male cultural belief systems?  Are you experiencing  low energy, and thoughts that impact  life fulfillment ? Through empathy and compassion this group will support your uncertainties and greatest questions.  Call us for more information @ 604 937 5540

Friday Nights Work Out With Spirit

Fridays  7:00pm – 9:00pm  $10 plus gst./week.
 Please join Beverleigh Wickins of Sacred Soul Connexions for this intensive, information packed, on-going series of spiritual development classes designed to increase your spiritual fitness!

Like working your physical body your spiritual body needs consistent time and attention.
Each week we will have you explore different ways to use your gifts – clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. These classes are open to everyone, all that is required is a sincere desire to do your best and to have fun in the process.

September 18: Pendulums.
Fine tuning and developing of Intuitive Skills & Abilities using your pendulum. Please purchase or bring your own pendulum for this fun night of pendulum learning.

October 9: Learn all about crystals!
Brief description: Bring your own favourite crystals that you use for self and/or others. Learn how to use their energy, colour and personalities.

October 23: Bonus Week of Learning details TBA

What to bring: Water bottle, warm comfortable clothes, yoga mat or thick blanket along with a covering blanket.
Please call the store to register 604 937-5540

Spiritual Development with Beverleigh Level 1

Level 1-TBA -NEW Dates 7:00pm -9:00pm  $250.00 +GST 6 weeks
Sacred Soul Connexions Presents- Spiritual Development Circle
with Beverleigh
6 weeks (Level 2 to follow)
Time: 7 to 9 pm.
Limited Participants due to Covid – Only 4 per class due to the Coronavirus safety protocol measures.
The Spiritual Development Circle (SDC) consists of levels 1-7, and each consecutive level runs 6 weeks. The purpose is to provide a safe and productive environment where your gifts (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience) are discovered, gently drawn to the surface and developed to the highest level possible. Due to the unique nature of these classes once a circle is formed it will be not be open for others to join in, it is considered closed. Each level builds consecutively upon the previous one for your whole spiritual development with a Certificate of Completion available at courses end. Classes are comprised of lessons taught by the Instructor, practical work by students, and of course group work in circle. Due to the unique nature of these classes we will not be disclosing what each level entails, contact Beverleigh at Sacred Soul Connextions
Please call the store to register 604 937 5540

Spirit Guides 7 Week program with Kelly Delbianco -a virtual  Zoom workshop

7 week program $525 plus gst.
Thursday September 3, Wednesday September 9, Thursday  September 17,Wednesdsay September 23, Thursday October 1,8, 22,  7-9 pm


In this course you will learn the following:

-Fundamentals of connecting with your Spirit Guides
-Learning to recognize your different Spirit Guides
-Developing and receiving messages from your Spirit Guides via different modalities

Investment: $600 – min. $300 down at time of booking.

Class is limited to 10 people so call 604-937-5540 to reserve your spot now!

Lemurian Healing Sound Journey

, Tuesday October 27th 7:00pm -9:00pm  $35.00 +GST
Join Lemurian Healing™ Practitioner, Tannis, and Shamanic Energy Healer, Stevi, as they create a sacred container to melt and release into high vibrational healing energy.
Tannis will begin the evening with a guided meditation where you will:
· Receive activations to reconnect to ancient Lemurian wisdom within you.
· Meet your Lemurian Guide.
· Learn your Lemurian name.
Next, Stevi will take you on a sound healing journey with crystal singing bowls, drums, vocals,
and other instruments she is guided to use. During this, you will receive hands-on Lemurian Healing™ and
activations from Tannis. You will leave the event feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and harmonized!
Tuesday September 29th
6 people MAX for each session.
Call to book 604-937-5540

Transformation Through Release Zoom Event

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29,  7 PM – 9:30 PM PST $35 +GST  (Online Only event)
Join Diane MacDonald of Raincoast of Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc. for a 2.5 hour workshop promoting transformation through release.
Butterfly and Transformation:
The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. It is highly sensitive to its environment and floats with the greatest of ease where ever
the wind takes it.
Butterfly can teach you the value of going with the flow and not getting stuck in the moment, supporting your ability to release and renew.
Release is not easy.
You must be prepared to sit with the situation, the story, the emotion you are willing to release. Understandably, it can be quite uncomfortable to sit with something you would rather ignore or lock away.
This workshop will support your transition from discomfort to release.
Workshop will include:
• How memories are processed by the body.
• Discussion regarding relaxation vs distraction.
• Exercises to support relaxation and release.
• Finding your Butterfly Guide
• Working with your Butterfly Guide to release and transform
Workshop limited to 8 guests. 

Zoom link will be emailed day of.

Samhain Halloween Ritual

Thursday, Oct. 29th, 7-8:30 pm $28 +GST
Samhain is one of the major celebrations of the old Celtic Wiccan calendar. It is known as “a time between the worlds” and is a time to release the old and welcome in and plan for the new.

Join Karen to learn more about Samhain and participate in a ceremony that calls in the divine masculine and feminine, celebrates the strength of our ancestors and guides us through the release of the old and the celebration of the new. It is a potent time where magic and intuition flow easily and when our intentions are communicated to spirit with ease. Please bring water, a yoga mat, journal and pen with you as well as a tarot or oracle deck if you own one.

Space is limited to 8 people, book through ticketing link or call the store 604-937-5540

Ease into Balance


DATE Wednesday, November 4th, 7-8:30 pm $35.00 +GST

Gift yourself an evening to ease into balance, in body, mind, and spirit.

We are currently living through a very intense and spiritually awakening period of history. There are so many layers of pain coming up right now. Our collective and personal wounds are coming up to be seen and felt. That can leave us in turbulent waters emotionally. We are all trying to do our best for ourselves and for the whole of humanity and earth. In order to do that, we need to learn to embody greater levels of self love, compassion and empathy.

Join Karen as she takes you on a guided meditation in order to speak with your highest self in order to fill yourself with the kindness that allows us to hold space for our whole self…. our wounded, perfectly imperfect selves. In order to gain clarity, presence, adaptability and be able to act rather than react, we need to have some spaciousness within ourselves. Let’s connect with and draw in the love that allows us to feel able to be strong and balanced and brave in these shifting times.

Please call 604 937 5540 to register. Limited to 8 participants.


Ancient Lemurian Wisdom Teaching with Tannis Gauthier

Thursday November 5th  6:30 – 8:00pm $28.00 plus GST

All welcome, no experience necessary!
Hosts: Tannis Gauthier – Certified Lemurian Healing™ Practitioner, Holy Fire III® Reiki & Karuna Master, Certified Meditation Instructor.

Join Tannis Gauthier  as she takes you on a Journey to Lemuria.
The time has come to lift the veil, to remember who we really are. Within the Sacred Circle we will rekindle our ancient Lemurian wisdom, reawaken our divine feminine essence and connect to our Lemurian Ancestors, and Goddesses. Tannis & Sandra will help you to bring forth ancient wisdom encoded within your cells, access hidden skills, abilities and aspects of your authentic Lemurian self.

• Honour all five Lemurian Goddesses.
• Experience guided meditation to meet your Lemurian guides.
• Receive a teaching of the first Glyph & a card with the Glyph’s activation.
• Take home a gemstone charged with your Lemurain guides healing light.
• Learn about Lemurian numerology
• Talk in detail about the Lemurian Goddess’s Weave Colours and how we work with them.

All guests are asked to wear all white clothing, e.g. Kundalini style clothing. Bring a water bottle and journal for taking notes. Lemurian Goddess weave scarfs will be provided.

Please call the store at 604-937-5540 maximum 8 participants

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Level I and II Certification

Traditionally, Shoden, “First Beginning Teachings”

Level 1 Certification Sunday Novemeber 8th -10am to 6pm $225.00 plus gst.

Level 2 Certification Sunday November 22nd -10am to 6pm $315.00 plus gst

Join Tannis Gauthier, Usui Holy Fire III and Holy Fire III Karuna® Reiki Master CRA Certified instructor:
Learn the history of Usui Reiki
Reiki Talk – different levels, how the process works and the many uses of Reiki
Ocean of Holy Love meditation
Explanation of the 21 days cleansing period.
Gassho meditation and its importance in the practice of Reiki.
Practice the 5 Reiki principles/percepts
Receive Holy Fire III Reiki Level I & II Placements
How to set up a Reiki session, Practice Reiki Treatments , Practice self Healing

Option 1 – Reiki Level I $225.00.00 + tax
Option 2 – Reiki Level II $315.00 + tax
Option 3 – Reiki Level I & II TBA+ tax

Upon completion of this class you will be a certified Reiki Level 1 & Level II practitioner and will be able to provide reiki healing to yourself, friends and family. Students will receive a certificate and be provided with a Reiki I/II manual from ICRT.

Maximum 6 participants – pre registration required.

Please call the store at 604-937-5540

Reiki ART (Level 3) Holy Fire III

Saturday,November  14th 10:00am -5:30pm  $375.00 +GST

This class is designed to support you in moving to the next stage of your Reiki development, whether you want to progress to Master teacher or are just interested in doing some deep healing work, this class is for you. This is an intensive, spiritually uplifting and empowering class.

With the Reiki ART training, students learn advanced reiki techniques, that can better help ourselves, loved ones and clients by healing a range of issues using the higher vibrational Master Symbol DKM.

The ‘Master Symbol’ is know as the symbol of Transformation and is a very powerful tool for personal growth. Students who have received the Master Symbol have claimed to experience a huge shift of consciousness after the placement.

Students will receive the Ocean of Holy Love & Holy Fire Healing experiences, Healing in the River of Life experience. ART Placement Usui Holy Fire II DKM Master Symbol.
Upon completion you will receive an accredited and certified certificate.
Take home Crystal Grid & manual.

CALL 604 937 5540 TO REGISTER for the ART/Reiki Level 3 Practitioner



Sound Healing with Stevi & Gabriel

Saturday November 14th 7:00pm -9:00pm  $50.00 +GST
Stevi is a Shamanic energy worker who will take you on a deep soul journey with sacred sounds of drum, singing bowls and rattles. The evening will begin with a grounding meditation and some basic breath work. Gabriel will be sharing his talents with acoustic guitar and steal hand pan soundscapes as they harmonize together. Each guest will recieve a custom blend of plant medicine (essential oil)to take home for emotional support.
Please attend with blankets, cushions and eye pillows for your own comfort when laying down (yoga matts work well). Bring water and your own tea mug to enjoy a custom blend of tea before the ceremony begins.
Bring a sacred item for blessing at the altar.
The subtle bodies hold imbalances and traumas that can eventually manifest in our physical bodies, as discomfort, pain and eventually dis-ease. It is important to release these stuck patterns and belief systems to return our bodies to a homeostatic state. (Balanced & healthy)
Sound Healing can help you return your bodiy to it’s natural peaceful self. The sound waves move through you releasing the low vibration occupied in your cells to enable a relaxation that initiates release.
All retail items will 10% off the night of the event.
$50.plus gst.
Maximum of 6 spots

Please call the store to register 604 937 5540

WILD Awakening

Saturday November 21st 6:30pm -8:30pm  $69.98
Experience your WILD awakening as hypnotherapist, Goly Emam & yoga teacher Christine Turley help you unleash your purpose & passion through Yoga, Intuitive Dance and group Hypnotherapy!!! This event will MOVE you!!!!
Bring your Yoga Mat, blankets, pillow and eye pillow, and a water bottle. Don’t forget your wild side!!
Event is limited to 6 guests for social distancing.
Call the store to inquiry about tickets 604 937 5540


With Tannis Gauthier of Sharing the Light Reiki & Wellness

Get ready to Move and Flow

Mondays: November 23rd 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Investment $25.00 + GST full payment required at time of registration

Join Tannis Gauthier, our Certified ‘Chakradance’ Leader, as she guides you through this fun, interactive, healing dance practice. Release energetic blocks, balance, heal and integrate your seven chakras by dancing to music designed with healing frequencies and tonalities. The
music and movement of dance will help you shift through old belief patterns, release what is no longer serving you and open your chakras to their natural organic flow. The workshop will commence with a meditation.
No experience necessary, wear comfy movable clothing, e.g. yoga attire. Bring a water bottle and your rhythm.

Please call the store at 604-937-5540 to register

Heart Chakra Guided Zoom Meditation

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26,  7 PM – 8:15 PM PST $15 +GST  (Online Only event)
Join Diane MacDonald of Raincoast Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc. for a guided meditation to balance the Heart Chakra.
Diane believes your heart centre is your core. It is your looking glass through which you see the world and the world sees you.
When your heart chakra is in balance, you can appreciate and care for yourself with greater ease which allows you to appreciate and care for others more gracefully.
There are no better guides for your journey to balance the Heart Chakra than:
The Deer, the Dragonfly and the Turtle
– – – Learn what they have to offer – – –
Accept what they choose to provide.
Limited to 8 guests. $15+GST. Zoom link will be emailed day of.

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