House Blessings & Energy Clearing Services

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We are all related, connected and sometimes polluted with disruptive energies of others. It can become stagnant, accumulate and begin to  really affect our daily lives. We can find this uncomfortable energy around us, in our own homes and even our work environments.

Stevi is taking extra precautions during Covid to ensure your safety. 

STEVI LING is a Shamanic Healer who can help to clear the the energy of your space and if necessary, will assist lost souls who are not able to leave this plane. Rejuvenating your space and transforming it into a higher vibrational energy. You will feel lighter and more energetic without the fog of the lower energies that once surrounded you.


House Clearings approximately 1.5-2 hours. $125.00 plus GST

Add a 25 minute Chakra Energy Balancing for yourself and family members $35. plus GST/person



Stevi is available Mondays to Fridays 10am to 4pm

Evenings and Weekends upon request

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