House Blessings & Energy Clearing Services

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 JOANNE has been connecting with Spirit since childhood.  She is a teacher who can help you understand your own intuitive senses and your connection to the other side.  She, herself enjoys the continual development of her own gifts which include training at the Arthur Findlay Spiritual College in Stansted, England.

Space Clearings:

We can sometimes feel like the energy around us is stagnant, heavy, stuck, or even disruptive.  Do you have lights that flicker, appliances that stop working and then suddenly start again without repair, or just an uneasy feeling in a space? If you are feeling like your surroundings are uncomfortable for no apparent reason you may benefit from an energy clearing to remove the negative and bring in the positive!

Joanne is able to clear and lighten your space.  She will visit your space and do a walk around to find where the energy can be lifted into a higher vibration.  She uses her clairvoyance and clairsentience to sense any lost souls and assist them in finding their way home, back to the light.  She will then use sound and smudging tools, such as drums, singing bowls, sage or palo santo, to move the energy to a more positive place.  If she senses lost or stuck souls, she is able to send them to their higher good and lighten your space.  Her clients have found this to be effective and lasting!

She prefers the client to join in the walk-through and clearing so they understand the process, as Joanne explains what she is sensing and doing throughout the space.

Depending on the size of the space this process takes approximately 30-60 minutes.

Refresh your home, business space or vehicle!

Rates starting at $175 +GST depending on location

To book: Call 604 937 5540

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