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KAREN FALKENSPENCE is an intuitive spiritual Quantum energy healer, Shamanic practitioner, Reiki practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist and EFT energy coach

Karen started her spiritual journey as a hypnotherapist in 2001. It was during her time as a hypnotherapist that Karen awoke more fully to her extra-sensory nature and her claircognizance. She uses this multi-dimensional knowing and intuition to help guide the client on the experience they need to support their growth for their highest good.

Karen is an empath and starseed and her deep ability to feel both the love and pain in the world sent her on a years long spiritual quest, spending months in meditation and ceremony. After a ten day silent, solitary retreat on a hillside, Karen was able to connect so deeply to the eternal love of source that spirit renamed her Peace. Her presence alone embodies beauty and spiritual power. Karen is an intuitive seer who works on spiritual and emotional levels and has been working with clients for 20 years.

Karen works by interviewing her clients and intuitively crafting personalized sessions to allow her clients to make changes with ease.  Karen has three types of sessions:

  • Quantum Hypnotherapy Session
  • Traditional Hynotherapy Session
  • Metaphysical, Spiritual Energy Healing Session



In these sessions, Karen opens a quantum field of eternal love to manifest the highest healing experience. Karen works in a state of intuitive allowance and sessions can include spiritual insights, guidance and energy work as needed by your higher self to restore peace, balance and harmony to your system to allow you to create a life that satisfies your soul.

1 hour  in person session $140.00 + GST

1 hour Distance session $120.00 + GST


You have access now, if you want it, to all of your existence. Time and space are not actually linear and your consciousness can travel in an instant to any lifetime on earth or beyond. You can speak with your star parents, know your past lives, look up your Akashic Records and speak with higher self and your guides. 

As an Intuitive, Spiritual Energy practitioner, this is what I do. I move through time and space asking for guidance and healing. It all started for me, a door to this multi-dimensional reality unexpectedly opened, when I was a hypnotherapist 20 years ago working with weight loss and smoking cessation clients. From this opening, my whole spiritual journey blossomed and my gifts as a healing practitioner started to flow. 

Hypnosis is a place where you can reach a state where your consciousness is freed up and you can connect with your own inner guidance from other parts of your huge existence. Beyond Quantum Healing is a Hypnotherapy process where you are guided to move with your consciousness and access the wisdom and experience within your spiritual, eternal self.  Wisdom that will answer your current questions. 

Do you want to?

  • Access your own Akashic Records
  • Speak with your own Galactic Guides
  • Find your life’s purpose for this current lifetime
  • See past lives and understand their impact on your present life
  • Know where you lived when you existed on a planet other than earth
  • Meet your own higher and highest selves 
  • Connect with Source Energy

Would you like to find your guidance and answers on questions like

  • What is my life’s purpose?
  • What are my next steps that lead me to fulfil my highest potential?
  • Where did that anger I experience come from?
  • What was the meaning of that strange event I witnessed?
  • Is my current job right for me?
  • Am I going to meet that partner I have been dreaming about?

I believe that we have reached a time where we all have the ability to step into our inner wisdom and processes such as Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis provide a map to assist us in learning how to connect with our inner knowing. Going into hypnosis, allows you to go into the state where you become relaxed enough to hear that multidimensional and eternal, inner voice that is yours. Your highest self has the answers you are looking for! Hypnotherapy gives you a method to allow your highest self to speak those answers through you, so that they can be integrated by your conscious mind. Quantum Hypnosis lets you, the client, speak from the wisdom of your highest self, giving you the clarity you need!

3 hour  in person or distance session $280.00 + GST


I conduct these hypnosis sessions in the more traditional form. The first part of the session is an interview where I ask questions and we talk in order to uncover your goals, and your personal relationship to the challenge at hand. Once my inner knower understands what you need, in order to make changes with ease, I intuitively craft a personalized hypnosis session. I guide you on a journey in order to let you make the shifts that allow you to reach your goals. Hypnosis supports you in bypassing the resistance in your conscious mind and drops you into a state where you can better align with what you truly desire.

90 minute in person or distance session $200.00 + GST

“One session with Karen and things were manifesting like wildfire. Clarity was gained without resistance and momentum took over.

She offers a safe space to tap into your subconscious with her Quantum Hypnotherapy session.

I highly recommend working with her if you are looking for clarity and wanting to get over your blocks and get out of your own way.❤

Melissa Kelly

~owner of Roar, Fierce Feminine Rising Magazine & Podcast

“The energy of Karen’s session was so incredibly loving. I had had a rocky four months in my life and had been questioning myself, questioning if what I was doing was wrong. The session with Karen helped me understand and know that it was all happening for a reason. It helped me to integrate what was going on and feel acceptance and to let go of past patterns that had still had a hold on me in a business situation. I felt more peace and love in my life after the session.”
Lynn Oldenburg

~owner of White Lotus Divine Healing

“I had a healing session with Karen and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Ever since we met she has exuded pure love every time we communicate and I instantly feel calmer and more connected when I’m in her presence. She conducted the session via Skype and I felt comfortable enough to talk to her about my issues and what was affecting me. I felt disconnected and confused about my purpose. Karen connected to my energy and I felt deeply relaxed for about twenty minutes. She told me that she became aware of highly complex codes, and also gained insight that I am here to be a gridworker. As a result of the session I found out more about grid working which fitted in with the pull I’ve had recently to sacred sites. Karen is a true healer with a powerful connection to source.”
Debbie Stokoe

~Writer & author of the book Awakened

“Karen has helped me tremendously. I went through a big shift and it started with an energy healingsession I had with her, which brought in a higher aspect, a more compassionate, loving aspect of myhigher self. The purge that followed, frankly, sucked. But it was necessary. Healing isn’t all unicorn and rainbows. Then the shift came on Sunday. I woke up and I FELT it. There was something different, I felt like I had finally integrated this part of me. Since this integration I have found it easier to not only show compassion to others but also to myself. It has brought in a whole new level of love into my being.
Karen is one of the easiest people to talk to that I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She is
completely devoid of judgement, always has loving and kind things to say, and really helps you dig to the
root of the issue, utilizing her own life experience, wisdom she has gathered and the questions she asks.
Energy healing is something that is often difficult to explain, especially to someone who has never had
any type of session done, however it is one of the most effective methods of healing I have found, and
the fact that Karen combines not only the energy healing aspect, but also the follow through, the
mentorship and talking things out afterwards truly makes her an amazing healer. I am so grateful to
have her in my life, and on my team of healers I utilize.”
Carrie Leclerc

~Reiki Practitioner & Owner at Inspired Alchemy 311

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