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Medium & Psychic Joanne

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Soul Reader Diane

In store Thursdays 1-5pm.

Intuitive Metaphysical Life Coach Lynn

Self Growth, self care & self transformation programs.


JOANNE has been connecting with Spirit since childhood.  She is a Spiritual Teacher & Healer who can help you understand your own intuitive senses and your connection to the other side.  She has trained at the Arthur Findlay Spiritual College in Stansted, England and is a Reiki Master with Usui Holy Fire III.

As a Psychic and Medium, she brings through loved ones who have passed with kindness and peace and gently supports you on a path to deepen your spirituality.

Positive and constructive messages that are most necessary for you at this time are expressed through her intuitive gifts of clairvoyance and claircognizance. Oftentimes these messages can better assist the client to initiate change or to choose a once uncertain path.

Joanne encourages you to bring your own inquiries to the session and allow yourself to accept information with an open mind without expectations. The more available you are energetically, the more benefit one can receive from the spirit world. 

“I invite you to explore what the Breath of Spirit has to say to your Being”

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In Person or Distance Intuitive Sessions:

Joanne is a Psychic, Medium, Usui Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher and Healer. She encourages you to bring your questions to the reading and have an open mind to hear what may come through without expectations. Messages may sometimes come from loved ones in the spirit world.

Joanne brings through information that is most important for you at this time through her intuitive gifts of clairvoyance and claircognizance. These messages can better assist you to initiate change or to choose your best path.

$200.00/90 minutes
$145.00/1 hour
$110.00/45 minutes
$80.00/30 minutes
$60.00/20 minutes

Trance Mediumship Reading:

Joanne is a Psychic, Medium, Usui Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher and Healer.

During this reading she will have an initial conversation with you before going into trance. While in trance she will bring through “Charles”, a spirit being from the 1700s. You may then ask your questions and Charles will give his guidance.

At the end of this reading Joanne will speak with you once again and, time permitting, see if you have any questions regarding your visit with Charles.

$140.00/45 minutes

Spiritual/Energy Healing:

Joanne is Psychic, Medium, Usui Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher and Healer.

Joanne works with Spirit and her guides to help you become aware of what needs to be healed within you whether it be in your physical, emotional or spiritual body, past or present. When appropriate, she will work gently with your wounded inner child in order to seek the earlier roots of what spirit brings forth to be healed. She will communicate to you during this healing so you will know what she is sensing. This initiation of healing continues even after the session while it is being integrated into your bodies.

$145.00/60 minutes

Space Clearings:

We can sometimes feel like the energy around us is stagnant, heavy, stuck, or even disruptive.  Do you have lights that flicker, appliances that stop working and then suddenly start again without repair, or just an uneasy feeling in a space? If you are feeling like your surroundings are uncomfortable for no apparent reason you may benefit from an energy clearing to remove the negative and bring in the positive!

Joanne is able to clear and lighten your space.  She will visit your space and do a walk around to find where the energy can be lifted into a higher vibration.  She uses her clairvoyance and clairsentience to sense any lost souls and assist them in finding their way home, back to the light.  She will then use sound and smudging tools, such as drums, singing bowls, sage or palo santo, to move the energy to a more positive place.  If she senses lost or stuck souls, she is able to send them to their higher good and lighten your space.  Her clients have found this to be effective and lasting!

She prefers the client to join in the walk-through and clearing so they understand the process, as Joanne explains what she is sensing and doing throughout the space.

Depending on the size of the space this process takes approximately 30-60 minutes.

Refresh your home, business space or vehicle!

Rates are location dependent:

$150 – Burnaby, East Vancouver, North Vancouver, New West, North Surrey, Port Moody, Coquitlam, North Delta

$175 – West Vancouver, Vancouver west of Main St, Richmond, South Delta, South Surrey, White Rock, Port Coquitlam

$195 – Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission, Abbotsford

COVID measures in place during visit.

To book a space clearing, please call the store at 604-937-5540



Diane MacDonald of Raincoast Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc. has been reading for over 20 years.

Diane’s readings tap into your authentic self, your heart-based self, your soul-self.

It is a reading to reconnect with yourself when you are seeking transformation from within.


In-Store – Spiritual Tarot Reading
45 – 60 minutes
$90.00 plus GST

  • What does your soul yearn for at this time?
  • What strengths are shining through, supporting you?
  • What is the shadow aspect of your personality that hinders you?
  • What does achievement look like, at this time, through the eyes of your soul?

The purpose of a tarot card reading is to support your spiritual journey. A reading which provides for greater self-awareness, understanding and acceptance of your soul’s purpose, in this moment, based on your current life path.

In-Store – Akashic Heart Reading 
45 – 60 minutes
$120.00 plus GST


  • Why me? Why now?
  • Why am I on my current path?
  • Why does this keep happening to me

The purpose of an Akashic heart reading is to enhance your understanding of why you are, where you are. To help explain the karmic path you have chosen. In essence, to help provide an answer to the “why” you are currently seeking.



Lynn is an Intuitive Metaphysical life Coach and a Reiki Master


Her journey began in the corporate world where she worked at an unmanageable pace and found herself  physically ill for the first time in her life. A holistic and healthy personality, she tried all manner of natural healing for 3 years with little results. A friend convinced her to get help and  after working with a Metaphysical Coach for the first time, it all became clear. She  recognized the issue was within her and proceeded to develop systems that worked to heal the emotional energy that was keeping her stuck.

Lynn offers  programs that are self initiated and enables the clients to fit the processes into their own schedule. Her programs can be practiced in clinic and at home.

She established the business, White lotus Divine Healing, to teach and show others how we can self heal. The entire store is dedicated to supporting others on their own transformational journey and offers energy practitioners, healing tools and products that assist you to move out the old belief systems that no longer serve you.

Lynn is a plant spirit healer and artist, who believes that growth and evolution is necessary to experience and manifest your best life.

Working with Lynn:

Below are a list of Lynn’s transformational coaching programs for you to consider. 

Before working with Lynn, you are required to participate in a one time FREE  30 minute Initial consultation in order to see if you are a good working fit for each other.

Subsequent appointments with Lynn are 60 minutes and cost $130+GST. However, Lynn is committed to supporting the community. So please speak to her about her sliding scale appointments. 

Power Of Self Love Program


A heart healing program that supports transformation from within. You will uncover the beauty and strength of your heart and reignite the fire within your true self. Build a foundation of self worth that empowers you to realign old beliefs and patterns that have kept you from truly knowing your authentic personae. Learn ways to live a more fulfilling life.

Symptoms of a closed heart/loss of self:

You do not have to resonate with all of these- at least 3 will give us a good idea as to where your heart is and how you truly feel about yourself.

Please circle the symptoms that you recognize.
• busyness, always moving, overworking, and /or extreme disciplined exercising • controlling your day and experiences/ can be manipulating to get your way

• really high energy, moves and/or speaks at a fast pace
• over consumption/ or underconsumption (food, activities, addictions, shopping)
• incessant or regular daily negative thoughts / monkey mind (always thinking about many things at a time)
• anxiety and /or depression
• lack of trust
• Disturbed sleep
• can overreact in certain situations • frequent illness, physical pain


30 minute to one hour monthly support sessions, at- home processes/tools and meditations to support self healing.
Related support products and optional readings at a 10% discount. Reiki healings at a 40% discount ($60.per hour) Program pricing is specific to individual needs of client. Dependent on client commitment and budget.

Regular price: $350/month **now offering discounted monthly pricing within a sliding scale


• how to recognize beliefs and behaviours that are impacting your self worth • how to change your thoughts to change your life
• to trust the Universe, find presence in mindfulness and meditation
• about Quantum energy and the rules of the Law of Attraction
• empower yourself, and create boundaries
• to love and recognize your authentic self
• and so much more

Supporting Health & Vitality in Isolation (Crisis) Program


A Program to support body and mind in crisis and counteract behaviour that creates fear and anxiety. The immune system is the body’s chief defense system, designed to protect the body against germs, viruses, bacteria, and other invaders. Immunity is a whole body activity, and it can be disrupted not just by viruses but also through thoughts, belief systems and behaviours.

Learn how to reconnect to your inner realm and develop routines that create balance and calm states of mind. Recognize thoughts and behaviours that can lower the immune system and impact emotional and physical health. Understand new concepts that build trust for self and others and learn how to create healthy new habits, while releasing old behaviours that do not serve you any longer. Learn about the importance of presence and how to revert from living in the past /future to living in the now, to transcend fear. As well, this program will teach you about plant based immune system support, that works energetically with the body and spirit.


  • how to transcend fear, anxiety and stress
  • About plant based immune support and how they energetically improve body, mind, spirit
  • tools to create new habits that support health and increase energy
  • how to clear energy from our chakras for improved emotional clarity



  • how to recognize beliefs and behaviours that are impacting your self trust and trust of others.
  • how to increase the health of the immune system with mind /body practices that boost mood and can boost positive hormones in the brain and body
  • how to let go of situations that create strong emotional results
  • how state of mind can affect the physical body
  • self empowerment tools that allow you to surrender and trust the Universe
  • understanding the rules of the Law of Attraction and how to change your thoughts to change your life

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