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July Gaia Offerings:



Lemon Oil

A time for magic! Summer is a magical time full of energy and potential for a lot of special things to occur. Let’s take some time to practice and enhance our inner psychic abilities. Get tuned into the messages that are coming our way. Dream big and be open to receiving abundance of the extraordinary.



Mugwort is a perennial herb with many branches lush with dark green leaves that have white undersides. It can grow reddish brown or yellow flowers. It originated in eastern europe and western asia, but is now found world-wide. It is easily accessible and grows very easily. Its medicinal power comes from thujone, a chemical that induces a sense of being “high” and therefore should be used with some caution and should not be used in pregnancy, except when nearing labour. However, mugwort is used in many cuisines, particularly asian dishes.

Mugwort is used to boost energy, calm nerves, support digestion, relieve itching and pain, and can help promote regular menstruation. It can also assist with difficult childbirths. Using it may provide a restful night’s sleep by relieving anxiety. Mugwort can enhance vivid, lucid, and healing dreams and assist with receiving dream messages.

Mugwort is associated with witchcraft and is used as a protection charm against evil and danger. Its energy aligns with the moon, psychic eye, divine feminine, and dream magic. Using it can deepen spiritual practice and psychic abilities as well as open pathways to the divine. It helps us trust and honour cycles of life, the cycle of death and decay to rebirth, and transformation. Mugwort is a very intuitive herb that has the ability to find fog that may be clouding psychic abilities within. On top of having it in food recipes, it can also be used in tinctures, drinks, and teas.

kyanite crystal


Kyanite is most commonly sourced from Brazil and is often seen in a “blade” like shape. It comes in many colours like orange, green, black, and blue. The different colours connect to different chakras and each have unique characteristics on top of the general kyanite properties. Blue connects with throat chakra, green to the heart chakra, orange to the sacral chakra, and black to the root chakra. 

This amazing crystal can get the body into tip top shape as it helps with overall recovery and stimulates energy. It is a natural pain reliever, helps fend off infections and decreases inflammation. It can help sharpen the mind and encourage healthy habits. Kyanite is used to drive away anger, stress, and confusion to allow for clear and concise thoughts.

Kyanite is a wonderful assistant with meditation and attunement. It can stimulate psychic abilities, intuition, and encourages psychic communication. This crystal is tranquilizing and a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies. 

Using it can assist with connecting to spirit guides. Kyanite can promote vivid dreams, channelings, altered states, improve visualizations, and stimulate dream recall. It does not hold on to negative energies and therefore does not require cleaning.

clary sage essential oil
clary sage essential oil

Lemon Essential Oil:

We are all most likely very familiar with this beautiful yellow fruit and its sharp, fresh citrus scent. There are several different types of lemon and essential oils may or may not be labeled with the specific lemon used. Lemon trees are native to India, but now grow in southern Europe and southern North America. The fruit and peel are used to create the essential oil.

Lemon has antiseptic properties and is a key ingredient in many cleaning solutions today, both commercially made and homemade. It invigorates the immune system and can help to relieve sore throats, coughs, colds, influenza symptoms, and fever. It is a tonic to the circulatory system and improves digestion as it makes the stomach more alkaline. Lemon is very cleansing for the whole body/ It can also ease varicose vein pressure and soothe insect bites and stings.

Lemon is known for its wild passion and is associated with the Sun. Using lemon essential oil is uplifting and energizing. It increases psychic awareness and concentration. It can help you connect  to your intuition and awaken your third eye. Lemon can provide more clarity to your thoughts as well as increased focus to achieve your goals. It aids in adapting to new situations, increases creativity, and repels negative energy. 

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