Monthly Gaia Offerings

nettle tea tigers eye
monthly gaia offerings

June Gaia Offerings:

Stinging Nettle

Tiger’s Eye

Cedarwood Oil

Healing Themes: Divine Masculine energies, spiritual development, boundaries, self confidence 

Time to honour the divine masculine energy that lives in all of us, and balance it with our divine feminine. Our divine masculine asks us to re-evaluate and honour our boundaries, review our goals, and restore our confidence. Embracing our divine masculine allows us to dig our heels in and get disciplined where we need to. It also allows ourselves to find a healthy level of assertiveness into our wants and needs. It helps us become action-oriented and aids us in taking healthy risks.

This month, we focus on energizing and revitalizing our physical body, as well as reconnecting to our spiritual practice.

nettle leaf tea
nettle leaf tea

Stinging Nettle:

Often known as “stinging nettle” because its tiny hairs will give you a bite if you grab the living plant without gloves. This sting will be eliminated either through cooking or drying the plant. Nettle is a herb found growing almost globally. It is easily found in forests, meadows, and often even beside roads and walkways. It is known to grow quickly and spread widely. In different cultures around the wild they are used for textiles, foods, and medicine, including treating allergies. 

Every part of the nettle plant is used from its leaf, to the roots, and even the seeds. It is full of vitamins and minerals, especially iron and calcium. It is used for a multitude of issues including gout, anemia, exhaustion, skin problems, hay fever and other allergies, and rheumatism. It is thought to be helpful for children’s “growing pains” as well as the “creaky joints” of the elderly thanks to its antihistamine properties as well as its ability to improve circulation. Nettle has a positive effect on the liver and adrenals, in addition it is an excellent reproductive tonic for both men and women. The root is helpful with prevention and curation of prostate issues and the leaves as useful for PMS and menopausal issues. Not to be ingested if pregnant. Very effective in building energy if you’re tired and overworked. Helps to nourish and replenish the whole system to feel revitalized.

Spiritually, nettle is a great teacher with many lessons. It reminds us of the importance of presence and being open to receiving universal gifts. Nettle encourages us to nurture ourselves and continue to work towards our personal growth. It shows us to start with the foundation to help build ourselves up as strong and healthy individuals. There are even lessons to be found in nettle’s notorious sting. Nettle protects itself and teaches us the importance of boundaries, hard work, and to enjoy the rewards from after we put the work in. 

Nettle’s leaves can be sautéed for soups, stews, and pasta, or any dish you would add leafy greens to. It can be dried and added to teas. The dried leaves are easily available in stores, however, fresh is always best. Enjoy the journey of harvesting it yourself, but don’t forget the gloves! It can also be ingested as a tincture. There are many recipes available online to incorporate nettle into your kitchen routine from pestos, to soups, to teas. 

tigers eye crystal

Tiger’s Eye:

Tiger’s Eye crystal is found in both South Africa and some parts of Australia. 

Typically it is found as a vibrant golden yellow crystal, but it is also found in red, known as Bull’s Eye, and blue, known as Hawk’s Eye. Tiger’s eye corresponds with the third eye chakra as well as the solar plexus chakra. It is said to hold the power of the sun and is a symbol of good fortune and courage

Tiger’s Eye can be used to rebalance the body on all levels and restores harmony between yin and yang. It can aid digestion, lower blood pressure, stimulate the repair of broken bones, and heal eye disease. With its energy of the sun, it can help those with seasonal affective disorder and depression. When placed over the reproductive organs it encourages fertility and may help resolve any issues arising from past experiences. Placing over the lower chakras will stimulate the rise of kundalini energy.

It works well to grow confidence and inner strength. Although, it always works in balance and teaches integrity and the right use of our own power. Tiger’s Eye will show you how to let your power flow through you for the good of all and to balance your needs with the needs of others and to find creative compromise. It can help you develop your personal will and drive if you’ve been under committed or spaced out. Helps to put trust in the future and to set realistic goals. Place it around your home to attract abundance, good health, and wealth. Tiger’s Eye is also a protective stone. It will help guard you and your resources and defend against ill will and negative energy that may come your way. 

Golden Tiger’s Eye can specifically help you make decisions from a place of reason rather than an emotional place. Bull’s Eye is more effective at overcoming lethargy and to help get you moving. It also stimulates metabolism. Finally, Hawk’s Eye’s specific gifts are for stress relief, protection, abundance, and facilities insights to situations. 

clary sage
clary sage essential oil

Cedarwood Essential Oil:

Cedar wood essential oil comes from the majestic cedar tree. However, it is important to pay attention to the latin name after cedar wood as there are 5 different types of cedar that are used. While all of the properties of these varying types are similar, they do have slightly different smells. These cedar trees are found all over the world, from North America, the Mediterranean, the Himalayas, to the Atlas mountains. Overall, cedar wood has a woody aroma similar to sandalwood. It is one of the oldest aromatics used in temples as an incense, most notably used by the Egyptians. 

Historically cedarwood was used for assisting with the treatment of bronchitis, tuberculosis and urinary tract infections as it has a tonic effect on the kidneys. Cedarwood essential oil can help regulate hormones to bring the body back to balance. It can be used to repel moths and other bugs as well as bacteria and fungi. Cedarwood has both astringent and antiseptic properties which are useful for treating acne as well as chronic skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis. It is also known to be helpful with treating dandruff and relieving discomfort with arthritis and rheumatism. It has a very calming and soothing action when the scent is inhaled to relieve nerves, tension, and anxiety

Cedar traditionally means power of spiritual strength and it represents a symbol of constant faith. It is known for its strength and preservation. A symbol of longevity. We draw on these characteristics of cedar when using cedarwood essential oil. Using it during meditation raises consciousness into a higher frequency and boosts psychic abilities. It is helpful with communicating with ancestors. Cedarwood brings clarity through its calming effect by removing distracting thoughts to increase focus. Use it as you would any other essential oil. 

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