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monthly gaia offerings

May Gaia Offerings:

Raspberry Leaf


Clary Sage Oil

Healing Themes: Divine Feminine energies, hormone regulation, women’s health 

May is a time to connect and honour our divine feminine. We celebrate Mother’s Day during this month and what a perfect time as mother gaia herself is in her birthing phase. We see new growth and new beginnings taking form all around us when we venture into nature at this time. Take some time to reconnect with the moon cycles as well as your own natural cycle. Embrace that wild woman who can’t be contained. Regardless of gender or sexual orietation, everyone has both divine feminine and divine masculine sides that need to be balanced for inner harmony.

Each month we feature 1 herb, 1 essential oil, and 1 crystal, each with specific healing themes that will be beneficial for the month. There will be teachings and discounts on each for the entire month!

raspberry leaf tea
raspberry leaf

Raspberry Leaf:

Raspberries are most commonly recognized in their beautiful red colour, but they are also found in many colours from yellow to black. You probably know of some wild raspberry bushes close to home as they are tenacious growers that don’t play by any rules. The berries can be used for medicine as well as a natural dye, while the leaves are used in teas in both traditional and herbal healers. 

Raspberry leaf is high in magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, niacin, and vitamins B, C, and E. These help produce healthy connective tissue. Raspberry leaf is an astringent herb and is a highly nourishing reproductive tonic that provides nutrients to tone and strengthen both reproductive and urinary systems. It is especially valued during pregnancy. Astringent herbs tighten and tone tissues which in turn reduces excess discharge and holds moisture within the body. This is very helpful in stopping diarrhea.

Raspberry is connected to feminine energy and eases moon cycles from menstruating, to childbirth, to menopause. Drinking raspberry leaf tea during menstruation can alleviate cramps, reduce bleeding, and regulate irregular cycles. Raspberry leaf brings forth better reproductive health as it clears the body of toxins and strengthens uterine walls. It is often used in the third trimester of pregnancy to support the uterus and prepare for birth as well as restoring uterine integrity in the postpartum phase. During the postpartum phase it also decreases bleeding and increases milk production.

Raspberry can open blockages in sacral chakra by easing any trauma and pain that is being carried here. This can improve fertility and overall better reproductive health. It can facilitate self- trust and trust in relationships. The energy of raspberry is very mothering, nurturing, and has a healing embrace. Work with raspberry to help heal the womb.

moonstone crystal


Moonstone crystals are found in many colours, from rainbow moonstone which has blue flashes similar to labradorite, to orange and yellow tones . Moonstone gained its name because it appears to have a soft glowing light under its surface similar to that of the moon’s glow on a cloudy night. Sri Lanka is known for its high quality moonstone, but it is also found in India, Australia, Armenia, Mexico, Brazil, and the US.

Moonstone, a stone of new beginnings, represents inner clarity, cycle changes, and is very connected to divine feminine energy. A symbol of light that encourages hope and to embrace new beginnings. It reminds us that everything is part of a cycle. With its connection to the feminine it is linked to fertility, softness, balance, and intuition. Use this stone to activate the goddess. Moonstone helps us connect to all of our emotions, both light and dark, and can help us understand the depth of our consciousness. Moonstone will lessen the tendency to overreact.

Moonstone is commonly used for fertility, relieving PMS symptoms, and hormone balance. It affects the reproductive organs and helps bring the body into its own cycle. It improves fertility, by bringing any issues into healthier fruition. It can ease discomforts with pregnancy and childbirth. It balances masculine-feminine energies and assists anyone of all genders that want to get in touch with their feminine side. Moonstone also encourages lucid dreaming, essentially around the full moon. Connects to the third eye and crown chakra to help us look deep within.

If using for improving fertility, then place this crystal near the bed. Wear it as jewelry or carry on you, but be mindful to cleanse and charge often. Place anywhere in the home where tensions may run high to help bring calmness and to keep emotions in check.

clary sage
clary sage essential oil

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary sage essential oil comes from clary sage bushes that are native to northern mediterranean, North Africa, and Central Asia. The flowers bloom in bunches in colours ranging from lilac to mauve. Not to be mistaken for common or white sage as clary sage has its own unique properties. Clary essential oil has a herbal, nutty fragrance. 

Clary sage is widely known to be beneficial for women’s health. It can help regulate the menstrual cycle by balancing hormones and stimulating opening of blocked systems. This can help normalize irregular periods. It may also help relieve some menstrual symptoms such as bloating, cramps, mood swings, and cravings. Often due to our diets we can find an excess of estrogen within the body. Clary sage helps cut this excess in estrogen which allows hormonal balance to be achieved. It can help with sexual problems by controlling underlying stress and therefore has positive effect on male and female fertility. Clary sage has many benefits for the transition from mother to crone. Can help relieve symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, and palpitations.

Another common use of clary sage is for relaxation and stress reduction. When in a relaxed state, we can combat insomnia, reduce headaches, improve circulation, reduce cholesterol, promote skin health, and aid digestion. When it comes to indigestion, clary sage increases gastric fluids to speed up digestion. This then improves symptoms like bloating, cramping, and abdominal discomfort. Because it is so calming, concentration can be difficult and it should be used with caution if driving. Caution should also be used in the first trimester of pregnancy, but is great during labour to encourage regular contractions. 

Clary sage is associated with vision and the third eye. It can aid with channeling and divination. It lifts the spirit to detach from difficult and painful situations through emotional distancing to gain a better perspective. Sometimes used as an aphrodisiac as it helps one enter euphoria or a trance state. Use in a diffuser or dilute in a carrier oil.

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