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spring cleansing
monthly gaia offerings

April Gaia Offerings:



Moldavite Oil

Healing Themes: Transformation, Realignment, Spring Cleanse + Detox

April is the kick start into the energetic summer months. It’s a great time to do a full realignment of our physical and energetic bodies through spring cleaning and detox. As we focus on detoxing and release, it is important to remember to protect our aura and the inner work that we have done.

Each month we feature 1 herb, 1 essential oil, and 1 crystal, each with specific healing themes that will be beneficial for the month. There will be teachings and discounts on each for the entire month!



Labradorite is a very high vibrational crystal and is most commonly found in Finland and Canada and its colour appears gray to black until it catches the light. In the right light labradorite will show brilliant flashes of colour ranging from blue, yellow, green, orange and even more rarely as pink or purple. 

Labradorite is known as a stone of transformation and “bringer of light” and its two main characteristics are magic and protection. It is a highly mystical stone that connects with the third eye and crown chakra. This helps us connect with our higher selves, the Divine, and other realms. Using it can aid to raise consciousness and connect to universal energies. It can help heal the user from within and assist with enhancing psychic abilities. Use it to aid with journeying to other realms.

Labradorite  is highly protective and will deflect unwanted energies from your aura. It helps banish fear amongst current or past lives and leaves you with good thoughts and a positive outlook. It can help calm the mind and assist with bringing up new ideas through its power of introspection. Use it to help align and protect all of the chakras. Physically, labradorite may help with any disorders with the brain and eyes. It can help relieve stress and to regulate metabolism and hormones. It can also help with physical pain as well as cold symptom relief.

Labradorite can be implemented into your life in many different ways. It is often worn as jewelry, placed in the home, or carried on the person. Placing it in the home can help rid the room of negative energies and low vibrations. Using it at work can help bring out innovations and keep focus. It helps the right and left brain work in harmony. It can bring up positive energy when faced with challenges and will increase determination to complete tasks. Meditating with it is a great way to connect with our inner selves and elevate consciousness. Labradorite will bring calmness to the heart and peace to the mind.

burdock detox


Burdock is a tenacious wild plant that is loved by herbalists, but despised by gardeners, farmers, and any long haired animal. It’s typically known as a weed and grows in just about any environment across North America, Europe, and Northern Asia. The plant has long tap roots, large heart-shaped leaves, and its seed head has hooked bracts that when flowering has a pink or purple florets. It can grow up to 9 feet tall and the tap root can reach up to 4 feet into the Earth. 

Burdock is known to be one of the safest, tastiest, and most effective detoxifying & cleansing herbs amongst both western and Chinese medicine. Primarily the root is used, however the seeds and leaves are used externally in poultices and salves. It is very high in antioxidants and can aid with purifying blood and lymph system, increasing circulation, and arthritis relief. Burdock supports your natural detox system by helping to remove metabolic waste. Sometimes our elimination systems such as our liver, kidneys, or colon can become stagnant or slow. Burdock can be used to remove stagnations and get our system up and running again. It also assists with emotional purging such as releasing a toxic relationship or job.

It is also one of the best herbs to use for skin problems as it can be used internally or topically. With its part in aiding the detox of the body this then promotes healthy skin. It also works directly with the sebaceous glands in our skin to promote healthy secretions. It works well with both dry and overactive sebaceous glands to find balance. Using burdock externally as a salve or poultice can help treat conditions like eczema, psoriasis, itchy or dry skin, along with other skin imbalances. 

There are many ways to ingest burdock root. It has been long used to flavour sodas and root beers. It is also known as ‘gobo’ and is popular among japanese dishes. Have some fun and look up recipes to add burdock root into your diet. It can also be ingested as a tea or as a tincture.


Moldavite Essential Oil

Moldavite Oil is created from real moldavite being infused in water to extract its essence. Extracting its essence allows us to gain the benefits of moldavite in a more gentle way. Moldavite essential oil can be added to a diffuser or carrier oil. We also carry bath salts, incense sticks, and body lotion containing moldavite essential oil. 

Moldavite is the most famous of the tektites that formed approximately 15 million years ago when a meteor hit Earth in the area we know today as Czech Republic. It is an olive to deep forest green colour and is classified as a type of glass. Due to the uniqueness of its formation, it is very rare and has a magical mixture of stardust and earth energy. The crystal itself is extremely high frequency and accelerates spiritual growth therefore should be used with some caution if the user is not ready for this yet. Moldavite Oil is a much gentler approach to gaining its benefits. 

This highly spiritual and energetic crystal is known for its transformation properties. With its strong link between Earth and other worlds it facilitates interdimensional connections, communications, and knowledge. Using moldavite oil enhances spiritual and emotional growth and supports positive transformation. It is a powerful chakra opener, heart through crown. Use moldavite oil if you are looking for a new direction in life and ready to take on any change that may come your way because moldavite is known to shake things up! Due to its high vibrational energy it aids to clear any blockages in the body to allow for free flowing energy. Great for times of expansion, growth, and new beginnings. 

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