Autumn, Samhain and the thinning of the veils

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You may have heard people say “the veils are thin” during this time of year. What this means is that the veils between dimensions or worlds is thinning. This time of year, the Spirit and Earthly realms will collide more than ever. It’s no coincidence that Halloween (known as Samhain, pronounced ‘sow-win’, in Pagan tradition) falls in October.


This time of year is the turning point as we move into the darker winter months. It is these transition periods that create liminal spaces. In nature, there are no clear borders or lines to distinguish one part of the earth from another. Think of liminal spaces as the in-between. You can’t separate where the sand on a beach ends and the ocean begins. The boundaries are blurred because everything in our universe is connected.
Through different practices we can tune into these liminal spaces with our own subconscious and begin to access the liminal spaces between our physical bodies and the world around us. Through meditation, somatic movement, trance, journey, dream work, or sleeping, is when we cross those veils between worlds and access different realms of knowledge.
The human body is this incredible vessel that has the ability to become a channel for Spirit and ethereal energy to be brought into the Earthly plane. We all have this innate ability. Like a tree, reaching to the sky with its crown, and channeling that energy down its trunk, through its roots and into Mother Earth.
Some of the things you may notice during Autumn and the thinning of the veils:
•increased synchronicities
•premonitions (in dreams) or déjà vu’s
•deep meditative states
•enhanced or vivid dreams
•increased clairvoyance and visions
•lots of creative inspiration OR body calling for deep rest and rejuvenation (or could be both!)
•ringing in the ears
•clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience
Prayer for Fall: May the changing of seasons bring you deep healing and nourishment.

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